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Bank Looking For Property;
Doesn't Want To Move Main
Office To Another Branch
by TaLonne Mefford

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James Bennett, executive vice president/CEO of Calhoun Banks, and Chris Myers of Overton and Associates have presented a proposal for building a new bank where the current Grantsville municipal parking lot is located.

At the town council meeting on Monday, Dec. 6, Bennett said he wants to build a new bank due to issues with the current bank setup. Having a separate drive-thru and ATM causes security issues.

Also, the drive-thru is located in the flood plain, and, with the main bank situated between buildings, it poses a fire hazard should a fire begin anywhere on the block.

Calhoun Banks has branches located in other counties, but Grantsville is the main office. Bennett said that the bank could operate the main office out of any branch.

“With today’s technology, we don’t really have to be in Grantsville. We want to be in Grantsville, and that’s why we are desperately trying to find a piece of ground to accommo­date our needs,” said Bennett.

Bennett wishes to purchase the property from the town.

Myers presented building plans for the new bank. After completion, Bennett plans to donate the current bank to the town, so another business could have the opportunity to open.

After the presentation, mayor Gary Knight suggested the possibility of leasing the property to the bank, rather than selling.

The council felt there were many issues left to discuss and tabled the issue until more information can be gathered to make an informed decision for the community.

In other council business, Knight, who reported that the sewer project is completed, said, “The sewer project was a major success for the community. It was a very large grant that involved a lot of time and a lot of effort (from) a lot of people, and all of that came to fruition in an efficient manner.”

Knight, who is in contact with Nick Woods, engineer on the water project, said updates will be available as work on the project is completed.

During the citizens’ open forum, Katheryn L. Kerby mentioned that she called to get street lamps fixed in Grantsville. She also brought to the council's attention that dogs are running loose in Grantsville again.

Knight suggested finding out who the dogs belong to and citing them.

Kerby also asked the council, on behalf of Joann Stump, to have something done about the junk cars parked behind her home.

Robert Marks complained of a leak near the water meter at his home. Knight said he will send someone to assess the problem.

Sandi Marshall asked Knight if the council could be open up to business-people to make ordinances for businesses.

Knight informed Marshall that in order for a person to be on the council, they are required to live in the municipality. Therefore, unless the business-person lives in Grantsville, they may not be on town council.

Recorder Helen Johnson asked for a motion for the annual employee one-time pay raise: $250 to full time employees, $100 to part-time, and $50 to new part-time employees. The motion passed unanimously.

Johnson also asked the council for a motion to approve the date for the release of the excess levy on Feb. 8, 2011. It also passed unanimously.

Under old business, the second readings of the following ordinances were presented: no insurance, proof of insurance, false information to municipal officers, and officer assistance.

The no insurance and proof of insurance ordinances passed unanimously.

The false information to municipal officers ordinance passed with a vote of 4-1. Council members Katheryn Kerby, Connie Toppings, Loretta Stevens and Dorothy McCauley voted in favor, with Helen Jordan opposed.

The officer assistance ordinance, with an amendment that the maximum fine be moved from $50 to $200, also passed 4-1, with the same split in votes.

McCauley requested that drug testing be implemented for all town workers. A policy is currently in place, and Knight plans to enforce it.

The first reading of the “revised riders in cargo area of trucks” was presented. The ordinance states that it is unlawful for anyone to drive a truck in excess speed or in a reckless manner with passengers in the cargo area of the truck. Offenders may be charged with a misdemeanor and a fine. The motion passed with a vote of 4-0. Kerby, Stevens, Toppings, and McCauley voted in favor, and Jordan abstained.

The following Grantsville Police Dept. law enforcement report was given for November: 33 calls for service, 131 citizen contacts, 3 criminal investigations, 3 traffic crash investigations, 36 warnings for traffic stops, 12 citations for traffic violations, 3 arrests (leaving the scene of an accident, forgery, and uttering), and 2 DUI patrols.

Chief Jeff Starcher reported that the Police Dept. received a Gold Award for 2010 traffic safety from AAA. This is the third consecutive year that the department has received an award, and the second gold.

Starcher presented commendation awards to officers Rob Bradley and Joey Garrett for their service to the Town of Grantsville.

Knight said that Judge John Lowther is certified to hear cases. The first case was scheduled to be presented on Dec. 15.

After a motion to pay the bills, the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m. The next meeting is Monday, Jan. 3, at 7 p.m.

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