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School System May Form Policy
To Ban Possession Of Cell Phones
And Other Electronic Devices
by Robin Gordon

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The Calhoun County board of education met on Monday at 6 p.m.

Under delegations, the board went into executive session for 21 minutes to discuss personnel issues, and returned to the regular session at 6:26.

Among those appearing be-fore the board was Sharon Pitts, faculty senate president, who proposed that “students no longer be permitted to have possession of any type of cell phones or electronic devices (iPods, cameras, and hand held video games) during school hours. Our intention is to include this policy in our 2010 handbook.”

Pitts said that other schools have adapted policies regarding cell phones.

Propst said, “I would like to see this a county-wide policy on the outside of the student hand book. I suggest we begin to put together a policy like (other counties) and that it gets publicized well.

“Maybe the administration, along with (the board) can come up with a set of disciplines, and we can put together a set policy to at least put before the board at the July meeting to go out on comment.”

He said that he was in full agreement with a ban.

Carla Taylor, director of school improvement, and Bonnie Sands, instructional technology supervisor, discussed the budget and the process for getting repairs made throughout the county’s schools.

Taylor said, “We depend on the state’s allocation for what we now call ‘Tools for Schools.’ We should be at the state’s mandated level now.”

Sands said that within the next few years the computer infrastructure will increase.

“We need to work on our reporting procedures, so that if someone has a computer problem, they can report it,” said Taylor. “Bonnie can not be at every school every day, so we have to depend on others to report (problems).”

Band Boosters representative Danielle Stevens expressed concern of “the future of the band.” She asked the board to consider having a beginner band class in the middle school as an elective for interested students.

“Having a beginner band class in the middle school would greatly help the enrollment in the band. It is no surprise that the band has dropped from over 100 members to 17 over the years, a gradual thing,” said Stevens. “The band has enabled many kids (to have) a creative and talented way to express themselves and I would hate to see it stop.”

Propst and the board members expressed their support of the band.

Board members approved the following items:

--Old business: Rescind employment of Mathew Taylor, summer substitute bus operator/ custodian.

--Personnel: Resignations, Curtis Garretson, assistant middle school football coach; Kevin Cunningham, head CMS football coach; Scott Golinsky, summer elementary teacher and summer recreation instructor; Bridgette Bowen Harper, band director; Kyre Minney, elementary teacher.

Retirements, Barbara Jones, June 9; Deborah Cunningham, June 30.

Employment: Summer, Tricia Brown, substitute bus operator/custodian; Scottie Westfall, elementary teacher and recreation instructor; Craig Arthur, student tutor.

Coaches/trainer, Brian Ritchie, assistant CMS football coach; Brandi Richards, head softball coach; Ernest Tingler, athletic trainer.

Service Personnel, Marie King, custodian III, CM/HS.

Professional, Melanie Gar-rett, science teacher.

--Finance: Invoices, $508,651.91; Supplements, $83,999; Transfers, $507,126; May Financial Statement; Basile & Associates, student accident insurance, 2010-11; Sports Specialty - AIG Insurance, athletic insurance, 2010-11; Blanket approval thru June 30 for invoices, supplements and transfers.

Board president Cynthia Dale and superintendent Roger Propst presented board member Larry Harris a plaque for his service as a board member. His term ends this month.

Under board concerns, Larry Harris thanked the board and wished them, “Good luck.”

Members Steve Whited, Joy Starcher and Dale, and Propst thanked Harris and Lee Evans, who was absent, for serving on the board of education.

The meeting adjourned at 7:46 p.m.

Since new board members need to be sworn in before July 1, newly elected Mike Wilson, Faye Barnhart and Steve Whited will take their oaths on Monday, June 28, 7 p.m., at the board of education office.

They will be publicly sworn in at the board meeting on Tuesday, July 6, at 6 p.m.

Larry Harris accepts a plaque in appreciation of his board service from superintendent Roger Propst.


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