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23rd Alumni Reunion
Speakers Recall Their
School Experiences
by Bill Bailey

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Calhoun County High School Alumni Association held its 23rd Alumni Reunion last Saturday at Calhoun Middle/ High School, Mt. Zion.

Nearly 400 alumni, family and friends attended the 23rd annual Alumni Reunion last Saturday at Calhoun Middle/High School. Those attending enjoyed the luncheon -- and no food fights were reported.

Loyd Wright, Class of 1955, Alumni president, welcomed the nearly 400 in attendance. Roger Propst, Class of 1965, was the master of ceremonies.

Recipient of the Alumni Association scholarship award for 2010 was Randy Smith, who thanked the association and said he plans to use the money to help get his pre-medical schooling at Glenville State College, and his masters degree in chemistry and biology. His main goal is to become an oncologist through West Virginia University.

Representing the 50th anniversary class, Carolyn Jones Gragg, Class of 1960, urged the alumni association to continue to give scholarships to graduates who planned on medical careers.

She said, “Look around, as you can see, we all are getting to where we need lots more medical care.”

Roscoe Wilson represented the Class of 1950, which celebrated its 60th anniversary. He spoke of how hard it was to bring a suit all the way from Florida without wrinkling it and pointed out that he was one of the few men wearing a suit.

He talked about how his class had entered high school about the time of the end of World War II. The members graduated about a month before the Korean War and 14 years before the official beginning of the Vietnam War. He said, “Our lives are the history that students learn about today.”

Wilson said that a lot had changed since 1950, and that, while he is thankful at times for modern technology, he is not sure if it is enjoyable spending five hours either talking on the phone or chatting on the computer with a technician in India just to try to get your printer to work.

He also spoke of the accomplishments of his fellow classmates and the lives they have touched and, hopefully, changed for the better.

From the Class of 1940 was Melvin Arnold, who said that his was the largest freshman class to enter the school and also the largest graduating class. He spoke of the dreams of the class--some fulfilled, some completed, and some ended.

A year-and-a-half after their graduation was the beginning of World War II, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Dec. 7, 1941. The war scattered class members all over the world, and not all came back when it was over.

Arnold was applauded when he told the gathering that this completes his 40th year as a Hospice volunteer for terminally ill.

He finished his presentation with the lyrics of an old song, “I remember you, you made all my dreams come true,” and dedicated it to his class.

It is always enjoyable to see the smiling faces and watch the eyes light up when these people meet up with hugs, handshakes and pats on the back. There are always small groups who will gather together and re-tell the highs and lows of their school years to the accompaniment of much laughter.

Carolyn Jones Gragg,
Class of 1960


Roscoe Wilson,
Class of 1950


Melvin Arnold,
Class of 1940


Loyd Wright, Class of 1955, Alumni Association President


Roger Propst, Class of 1965, Master of Ceremonies

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