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Second Annual Calhoun Days
Held At County Park
by Bill Bailey

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The second annual Calhoun Days festival began last Friday evening with singing by Harry Beall, and, after dark, the firing of two Civil War-era cannons.

It was hard to tell how many people were on hand to witness the night firing, but people in the vicinity of the park surely heard the cannonade.

The festival gather momentum on Saturday morning with Jim and Evelyn McCormick making apple butter at Heritage Village and with tournaments of skill underway at the Herb Smith Community Building.

Vendors sold wooden items, novelties and clothes modeled after the latest fashions of the 1860s, as well as food and ice cream.

A shuttle bus and a horse-drawn hay wagon carried passengers between venues, although some folks took advantage of the hiking trails surrounding the park.

Some of those touring Heritage Village remembered attending a one-room school, remarked how small the seats were, and told their grandchildren about how it was in the old days.

While Saturday started out as a beautiful, sunny day, clouds moved in during the afternoon, and kept attendance down for a re-enactment of a Civil War battle.

The fight started with three blasts from a confederate cannon, and then the battle was on. Union troops gathered around a replica of the Sycamore Creek cabin of Adonijah McDonald when they were attacked by Moccasin Rangers.

All but two of the Rebels were killed in the fight, and they were taken prisoner. After a quick trial in the front yard of the McDonald house, the two were summarily executed by a firing squad.

The re-enactors registering were Jim Allman, Thurman P. Shaver, Buckhannon; Kevin Starcher, Millstone; Jay Allman, French Creek; Dennis Carder, Junior Parker, Terry Whited, Elizabeth; Ken Connell, Glenville; Fred Waybright, Arnoldsburg; Carole and Cheryl Hackett, Sue Mileweski, Jim Miracle, Parkersburg; John Haddox, Bill Stull, Kim Stull, David Owens, St. Marys; Denny Herndon, Marietta, Ohio; Sim King, Walker; Chad Spohn, Waterford, Ohio; and Kevin Thomas, New Martinsville.

On Sunday, the Battle of Sycamore was re-enacted, with reports from those attending that it was impressive, and that they would come again next year.

Although some of the entertainment had to be canceled due to illness, all-in-all Calhoun Days is a family festival for all, not just history enthusiasts.

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