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Addicted To Facebook
by Robin Gordon

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If you haven’t heard of Facebook, it is a website that allows you to connect with friends, past and present.

The thought of reconnecting friendships that had been lost is an exciting concept, and I knew that I had to give it a go. I have lived in three states--Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia--so there are a variety of people that I have lost contact with and wondered how their lives are going.

After you set up your profile on this addictive website, the fun begins. I began by looking up my friend Pam from Ohio. She was my maid of honor and probably the closest friend I have ever had. There aren’t any good reasons why we stopped corresponding, but Pam and I had lost contact through the years.

Yippee, I found Pam through a name search. That was easier than I thought it would be; so, I sent her a friend request, and our reminiscing began. While chatting, I realized our friendship was picking up where it left off. How grateful I am! Pam and I are able to reminisce and rekindle the bond we once shared, even if it has been 17 years. Like Tim McGraw said, “We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”

I also connected with a schoolmate named Joe, who I found out is my distant cousin. While living in Indiana, I had no idea we were related or that his grandfather, John Dillon, built the house I live in today. I emailed Joe and told him where I live, and he is excited that I am going to send him pictures of our house, and be able to reunite him with his family that he has not been in contact with for years.

As you get older, there are always some people that you seem to remember that had an impact on your life. While in middle school, there was a girl named Marni. She and I didn’t run in the same circles at school, but we usually sat beside each other, because seating was in alphabetical order. When my grandmother passed away, Marni lent me her ear and her shoulder to cry on. I emailed Marni and I thanked her for being kind to me during that time of my life. She remembered the situation and was glad she was nice to me. Sometimes, a little act of kindness means the world to a person.

Although I have reconnected with people from my past, Facebook is a great way to network with people from the social circles you are in now. Facebook has been in my life for a whole week, and, yes, I admit I am addicted.


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