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Reunion Brings
Graduates Together
by Bill Bailey

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The annual Calhoun County High School Alumni Reunion was celebrated last Saturday at Mt. Zion. Although the weather forecast was for rain, there was no dampening the spirits of the attendees.

Alumni president Loyd Wright was on hand to greet everyone with a smile, handshake and hug.

The commons area was crowded with small groups of people gathered together to visit with school chums from the past and catch up on what has been happening since last they met.

Roger Propst was Master of Ceremonies and made sure the program kept moving along.

The program began at 11:30 a.m. with master of ceremonies Roger Propst promising to make the presentations as quickly as possible so people could enjoy the gathering with classmates.

He reminded the group of the words Joe Cain whispered a few years ago to presenter Loyd Wright, “Hurry up, I’m hungry!”

Alumni Association President, Loyd Wright, welcomed the crowd.

Wright welcomed the guests and recognized 2008 graduate Josh Deweese as the recipient of the Alumni Association’s scholarship award for 2008.


Briana Blankenship came to the affair even though it was her 18th birthday.

On her 18th birthday, Briana Blankenship spoke to the crowd to express her appreciation for the help she received from the association and all of Calhoun to help her participate in the 2007 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“This trip turned out to be the greatest experience in my life,” said Blankenship, who spoke of the rewards that come with music. She encouraged everyone to help make sure that Calhoun always has a music program to enrich the lives of students. She was also chosen to draw names for the door prizes.


Joann Propst Stevens represented the class of 1958 on their 50th anniversary. Her memories of senior privileges  from 1958 brought chuckles from the crowd.

Joann Propst Stevens spoke for the Class of 1958, reminding everyone of what they were allowed to wear in those times and the prices of things.

She remembered that in their freshman year there were 160 classmates, 109 as sophomores, 92 juniors, and 80 seniors graduated. The class motto was “Not at the top, but still climbing.” She read an editorial by Virginia Long from the May, 1958, school newspaper, The Clarion.

Stevens congratulated fellow class members Bill and Roberta Wilson who were married immediately following graduation and were celebrating their 50th anniversary.


Representing the class of 1948 on their 60th anniversary was William Ice.

William Ice of the Class of 1948 finished the program by speaking of the 169 “wide-eyed” freshmen who entered the large portal of the high school in the war year of 1944. Their class motto was “We finish what we begin.” Paraphrasing a comedian of today, he said it would now be, “We get ’er done.”

Ice said that the class had a graduate who became the president of a college, one who became superintendent of the largest plant of its kind in the world, several educators, career service people, and engineers.

“They have made an imprint on society that left it a better place. I am proud to stand here and represent them today,” said Ice.

Bill Reading of the Class of 1938 received a standing ovation from the crowd. Classes celebrating anniversaries were asked to stand and they also received ovations.

Door prizes were presented, including handmade wooden bowls by Class of 1946 alumnus Jim Bell.

Following the program, a catered lunch was served to classmates gathered at tables doing more talking and reminiscing than eating.

The voices of over 300 people, all talking at once, were just like the lunchroom of memory.


Representing the class of 1959 were, left to right, front row,  Betty Brown, Joy Starcher, Judy Gainer, Joan Stump, Jack Gainer, Bill Godfrey; back row, Ronald Newell, Judy Meadows, Orma Starcher Downs, Bob Parsons, Shirley Deel Murphy, James Knotts, French Stump.

Representing the class of 1944 were, left to right, front row, Helen Brown, Berdine Wayne, Delma Kemper, Eleanor Stump, Oleeta Doty, Mary McKee; back row, George Carr, Gordon McKee, Paul Bailey, James Wease.

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