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Board Gets Update On PHS;
Approves Personnel Matters
by Robin Gordon

Updated on Wednesday*:

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The Calhoun County board of education met Monday at 6 p.m. for its last meeting before students return on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Superintendent Roger Propst reported on progress at Pleasant Hill School. He said that the upstairs bathrooms should be done two to three weeks after school starts.

“We will only be losing the three kindergarten classrooms and it appears we only have two kindergarten classes this year,” said Propst.

He added that the school’s drainage problem “is pretty well fixed.”

Frank Tetrick said that there will be a trailer at the school for all construction equipment, so the parking area can be free.

Bus drivers will use an “in lieu of” day by putting furniture back into the multi-purpose room at the school.

Under OEPA (Office of Education Performance Audits), Propst said that Calhoun Middle/High School has made “significant progress in addressing the deficiencies in the initial onsite review.”

“Kudos to everyone who worked hard on the staff,” said Propst.

Board member Lee Evans said, “It is a great accomplishment when you achieve that. I really applaud you on that.”

Principal Karen Kirby addressed the board on how much the summer youth workers have accomplished. Twenty-four students and three supervisors worked on landscaping, washing classroom walls, cleaning auditorium seats, power washing, and painting.

“They have really made the school shine,” said Kirby. 

Kelli Whytsell reported that a three-year $20,000 grant had been received for tutoring at the middle school and a ninth grade Algebra model.

Also approved were AURA funds of $18,568 for after-school tutoring at the elementary schools two days a week, plus a counselor to work with the elementary schools and the middle school.

Propst recommended the following: “That the board authorizes the superintendent to take steps necessary for the board to join as a party plaintiff in litigation seeking to relieve county boards of education from the requirements of Chapter 5 Article 16D of the W.Va. Code, with respect to the reporting and funding of other post employment benefits (OPEB), including relieving the (board) from any allegation to contribute to the W.Va. retiree health benefit trust fund, in any amount over and above the minimum annual employer payment.

“With the understanding that such litigation will also seek to declare the State’s responsibility for all reporting and funding requirements of the same statute with respect to OPEG benefits on behalf of employees of county boards of education.”

A motion to accept the recommendation was approved.

After a 38-minute executive session that began at 6:31, the following personnel items were approved:

--Employment, Matthew Walker, half-time health teacher, CM/HS; Ruth Hill, science teacher, CM/HS; Mike Worf, assistant principal, CM/ HS (board member Evans opposed); Angela Ferrell, executive secretary, central office; Christ Morris, assistant varsity wrestling coach; Mike Sims, head CMS boys basketball coach; Jeffrey Church, assistant varsity softball coach; Kristie Ritchie, CMS cheerleading coach (fall);

Marshall Bever, activity run (North End) bus driver (Heads Up); Mitchell Morgan, activity run (South End) bus driver (Heads Up); Richard Trites, activity run (North End) bus driver; Roger Chenoweth, activity run (South End) bus driver; Marshall Bever, Kenneth McCumbers, Career Center runs; Jill Metz, Betty Bourne, Pamela Blair, contract bus drivers; Bridgette Harper, band director; Faye Chambers, choir director.

--Voluntary transfers, Shirley Chenoweth, reading specialist, AES; Connie Summers, elementary teacher, AES; Gina Freed, data coach/interventionist, AES; Lori Parsons, data coach/interventionist, PHS.

--Substitute service personnel, Tricia Brown, Denzil Dye, Jimmy Gregory, Scotty Jones, Christopher Lacy, Richard Metheney, Roger Sweppenhiser, Richard Trites, Phillip Waggoner, substitute bus drivers; Kathryn Counts, Janet Cunningham, Rhonda DeWeese, Margaret Kirby, Esther Laughlin, Brenda Morgan, Earlene Thomas, Dawn Thompson, Jacqueline Yoak, substitute cooks;

Tricia Brown, Lester Channel, Mark Geiger, Jimmy Gregory, Blanche Marie King, Christopher Lacy, Bernard Miller, Larry Radcliff, Stephen Sams, Donna Schoolcraft, Shelia Schoolcraft, substitute custodians; Marisha Collins, Ada Overbaugh, emergency substitute custodians.

--Substitute teachers, Tracy Arden, Allison Beall, Sallie Chapman, Joseph Cottrell, Wendy Cottrill, Lois Cruz, Kevin Cunningham, Michael Edwards, Brandon Fox, Jason Fox, Marissa Fox, Melanie Garrett, Curtis Garretson, Kristen Garretson, Sandra Harding, Sarah Trabucco-Higgs, Gloria Jones, Kelley Houchin, Patty Mangus,

Jacob McCumbers, Rachel Meeks, Melba Jean Miller, Krystina Mistyhn, Melissa Morris, Toni Morales, Amy Nicholas, Patricia Propst, Lisa Reip, Amy Riddle, Brandi Sampson, Jean Simers, Donna Steigleder, Kristin Stewart, Gina Stump, Mike Stump, Matthew Walker, Jennifer Walsh, Bessie Welch, Norman Workman.

--Resignations, professionals, Amber Ganoe Welch; Lisa Walker; service personnel, Jason Walker.

Other items approved included the following:

--Contracted services, Henry Bussey, psychological services; Professional Therapy Services, Inc., occupational therapy; Charles Huss, orientation and mobility; Linguacare Associates, Inc., speech therapy; Minnie Hamilton Health System, physical therapy; Health South Western Hills, occupational therapy; Therapeutic Interventions, physical therapy;  Wendy Garrison/Amie Cook/Smith, visual impairment; School Based Health centers, Minnie Hamilton; Connie Roberts, finance consultation.

--Volunteer agreements, Angie Hersman, Paul Goodrich, Derek Metz, Marcus Davis, Tracy Haught, Gaylen Duskey, Zachary Propst, lay coaches.

--Student transfers, Calhoun to Clay, parent, Allison Haverty, Grades 4 and 6; parent, Benjamin Jackson, PK; parent, Cathy Craddock, PK and 8th; parent, Crystal Ellison, PK and 2nd; parent, Darlene Gooslin, 11; parent, Jamie Jarvis, PK and 6th; parent, Marsha Moore, 4th and 7th; parent: Melissa Brown, PK and 1st; parent, Sherry Patterson, 7th and 12th; parent, Shondra Moore, 6th; parent, Terrie Horton, 1st; parent, Tonya Murphy, 7th; parent, Vickie Neal, 9th and 11th; parent, Wendy Taylor, K; parent, Jennifer McCracken, 1st, 7th, 9th;

Gilmer to Calhoun, parent, Ashley Fox, 1st; parent, Jamie McCumbers, 6th; Ritchie to Calhoun, parent, Jamie Goff, 7th, 9th and 12th; parent, Thomas Smith, 10th; Roane to Calhoun, parent, Julie Wanstreet, 12th; parent, Stephanie Carpenter, 8th; Clay to Calhoun, parent, Linda Cadle, 11th; Braxton to Calhoun, parent, Stephanie Allen, 1st and 5th;

Calhoun to Wirt, parent, April Petorvsky, K and 3rd; parent, Charlotte Blair, 7th; Calhoun to Roane, parent, Diane Carter, 11th; parent, Kandi Pingley, K; parent, Lisa Hall, 8th and 12th; parent, Lola Waggoner/Timothy Hicks, 4th, 6th and 8th; Calhoun to Ritchie, parent, Jessica McCumbers, 3rd; Calhoun to Gilmer, parent, Treana Beall, 9th.

--Home school requests (parent and grade), Samantha Erlewine, 2nd; Heather Hall, 5th; Cathy and Roger Hall, 6th; Ronzil and Ali Haverty, 2nd; Robin Knotts, 3rd and 7th; Jennifer Koehne, 7th; Connie Metheney, 6th; Christina Miller, 9th; Matthew Morrison, 2nd and 7th; Jeanne Pittman, 8th; Greg Selmon, 9th; Justin Smith, 2nd; Michelle and Gerald Stehman, 1st; Charles Stephens, 1st; Vickie Farson, 6th.

--Early dismissals, Leslie Garrett, Courtney Sampson, Aaron Yoak, Brandi Bain, Talia Brady.

--Increase in adult meals, adult breakfast, $2.25 to $2.75; adult lunch, $2.75 to $3.25.

Under board concerns, Steve Whited thanked the faculty, administration, students, personnel, teachers and staff for the OEPA evaluation. Joy Starcher and Cynthia Dale agreed.

Dale questioned the monitoring of locker rooms. Kirby and Whytsell said that athletes and parents signed a school harassment and bullying policy.

“They stressed to the coaches and to the students how important we felt about this,” said Whytsell.

Dale asked if precautions were taken due to the swine flu situation. Kirby said the trainer was aware of sterilization and safety.

Propst thanked Donnie Pitts for volunteering his time doing ’dozer work along the road to the board of education office and an athletic field.

The meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m.

The board will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 6 p.m., at the board office, to discuss personnel.

The next regular board meeting will be held at the board office on Monday, Sept. 14, at 6 p.m.

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By Helen Morris:

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