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Calhoun Days;
Preserving County's Heritage
by Maricia Mlynek

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Our beauty, history, and undisturbed peace and quiet are sought after more and more each day.

Most everyone enjoys the scenic roads, the quiet evenings, and the tranquil settings of our valleys and hilltops, but perhaps some are overlooking the wealth we truly do possess and could share with others.

It is all right at our fingertips. It is not necessary to lose our identity for the sake of progress.

The day has come when we will have re-enactments of the Sycamore Skirmish and the Battle of Arnoldsburg. The possibility of celebrating the legends of Nancy Hart and Mike Fink has arrived.

Our oral history is priceless and our deep roots of bluegrass and old timey music is ready to be enjoyed.

In an effort to “preserve the heritage and history of Calhoun County,” the initial meeting of a developing committee for a celebration called “Calhoun Days” was held Tuesday, 6 p.m., at Calhoun County Park.

The committee’s appointed president is Jim Sullivan. Other officers are vice president Shirley Ball, treasurer Roger Jarvis, and secretary Maricia Mlynek.

Many others attended the meeting to brainstorm and begin planning for a Calhoun Days celebration that will be held at the park, Sept. 10-12.

Subcommittees were also formed, including:

Re-enactment. Jim Sullivan, Helen Morris; Finance, Roger Jarvis, Henry Cooper, Jim Sullivan; Music/Entertainment, Shirley Ball, Harry Ball, Maricia Mlynek; Public Safety, Henry Cooper; Parking, not assigned; Apple Butter, Jim and Evelyn McCormick; Publicity, Terry Harris, Jim Sullivan, Maricia Mlynek; and Fund Raising, Jim McCormick, Shirley Ball and Roger Jarvis.

The Calhoun Days committee discussed many ideas and events for the weekend celebration, such as Civil war re-enactment, crafts, exhibits/vendors, “settlers,” living history presentations, musical events, bingo, square dance, presentations by the Historical Society, hay rides/carriage rides, corn hole tournament, petting zoo,   4-H displays, grease pig, apple butter, pony rides, bingo, and balloon rides.

“This committee aims to reflect old times as much as we can,” said Jim Sullivan. “Our mission is to preserve the heritage of Calhoun County.”

The Calhoun Days meeting adjourned at 8 p.m. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 18, 6 p.m., at Calhoun County Park.


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