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First Baptist Calls New Pastor
by Helen Morris

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Members of First Baptist Church, Grantsville, called Scotty Robertson of Logan County as their new pastor.

He was raised by his grandparents and frequently accompanied his grandfather, an ordained American Baptist minister, as he fulfilled his pastoral duties.

He was born on a Sunday, went to church for the first time on Wednesday and was dedicated the following Sunday. He then became a Christian at the age of six.

Although he was not interested in becoming a pastor, he always planned to go into teaching, but nothing seemed to work out. Obstacles kept popping up, such as required tests and his class schedule.

He has completed five semesters of studies in political science at Marshall University, but plans to transfer to Glenville State College at the end of this grading period.

When he receives his degree, he plans to enroll in Palmer Theological Seminary, which has a West Virginia branch at Parchment Valley, the American Baptist Conference Center.

Scotty served as pastor of the Baptist Church at Kermit while attending Marshall. The church was at a very low point, with only two persons attending his first service. The congregation slowly started rebuilding.

This summer’s Vacation Bible School had an enrollment of 18. This was the first Bible School sponsored by the church in many years. It was chal-lenging for him to reach these younger children in a coal mining area.

When he was contacted about the vacancy in Calhoun County, he said that he had never heard of Grantsville and that Calhoun County was just one of the 55 counties to name in West Virginia History class.

Why would he want to make this change? God’s intervention started working. Scotty began talking to more experienced pastors and God kept prodding.

The invitation came from First Baptist to hold a service for several Sundays. He was then invited to hold a session to answer questions about his life, goals for the church, and Christian beliefs.

The church voted to call him as pastor.

He is looking forward to doing his part to transform Calhoun County for the glory of God. He believes that the gospel will be spread by education and outreach. He hopes to help the congregation of First Baptist achieve this goal by encouraging small group bible study for adults and youths and holding a training workshop for children’s leaders.

Pastor Scotty Robertson

He started his duties immediately and his schedule includes the following:

Friday, Oct. 30, 5 to 7 p.m., he will be at the church office.

Saturday, Oct. 31, he will help with First Baptist booth for the Grantsville Halloween party.

Sunday, Nov. 1, he will lead morning and evening services at the church.

Friday, Nov. 6, he will have the inspirational message for the Calhoun Red Devils’ pre-game meal at the church.

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