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As of closing time or 9 p.m. on Monday evening, area checking stations reported unofficial deer check ins were generally down overall for the first day of the two-week gun season for bucks. If the drop off continues over the two-week season, it would end a 17-year run of increases during odd numbered years. Stations reported the following check ins of bucks for the first day (last year’s in parenthesis), along with some of the larger bucks (Five Forks Store did not check in deer this year):

Holbert’s Store, Big Bend: 53 (64) bucks checked in, including an 11-pointer by Randy Shrader, 10-pointers by Donald Cooper, Charles Wagoner III and Leo Craddock, and 9-pointers by Stacy Absbury, Clarke Wilson and Donald Coplin.

Cha-Ti’s, Grantsville: 32 (49) bucks checked in, including a 10-pointer by Sean Wiles.

Nelly’s General Store, Minnora: 49 (52) bucks checked in, including an 11-pointer by Matthew McCumbers, two 10-pointers, and three 9-pointers.

Sears Exxon, Stumptown: 47 (62) bucks checked in, including three 9-pointers.

Pit Stop, Mt. Zion: 36 (42) bucks checked in, with 14 of those 8-point or larger, including 10-pointers by Mike Sampson and Sherry Whytsell, 9-pointer by Jeremy Conley, and 8-pointers by Donald Pye, Roy Starcher, Mike Moles, Rachel Chapman, James Cox, Brian Bowman, Chris Butt, Gary Johnson, Kylie Starcher, Denny Lane and Deborah Starcher.

Parsons One Stop, Pleasant Hill: 93 (43) bucks checked in, including 12-pointers by Larry Stull and Alex Richards, and five 10-pointers.

Speedy Mart, Arnoldsburg: 43 (68) bucks checked in, including a 14-pointer by Daniel Hudson IV and four 10-pointers.

Hunters who wish to donate deer meat or dollars to the Hunters Helping the Hungry program, which distributes deer meat through Mountaineer Food Bank and Huntington Food Bank, can call 558-2771 or visit to find a participating meat processor.


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