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Hospice Care Services Available
Part III
by Helen Morris


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(This is a continuing series of articles explaining Hospice care services.)

The Hospice Care Volunteer Program is an important part of the team. Volunteers were responsible for founding Hospice Care and they remain the cornerstones even today.

When indicated and agreed upon by the patient and family, a trained volunteer is assigned to provide respite care and support. The nature of Hospice Care’s services means it is always looking for individuals with varying personalities, talents and time.

Volunteer opportunities include the following:

Office volunteers provide administrative support to Hospice staff, such as filing, computer input, assembling information packets, telephone support and reception work.

Thrift Store volunteers support Hospice Thrift Stores in providing a wide array of services, such as cashier, pricing, sorting, stocking and upkeep.

Fundraising/community outreach/speakers bureau volunteers assist with community programs and events that raise funds and awareness of Hospice Care Corp., such as health fairs, speaking engagements, golf tournaments, Light Up A Life, Camp Nabe, Walk For Hospice, and present information to community members.

Patient/family support volunteers provide companionship and support to Hospice Care patients and families in their own homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Duties may include respite care, reading to the patient, running errands, and light housework.

Bereavement volunteers provide companionship and support to people who are suffering any type of grief (not limited to those who have lost a loved one). Duties may include home visits, telephone calls, and transitions center training.

Music volunteers provide musical companionship and support to patients and families by singing or playing a musical instrument in the home or home-like setting.

“Last Watch” volunteers provide companionship to patients in their last hours and minutes of life, and provide support and respite care to families in nursing and assisted living facilities.

Activity volunteers provide assistance to patients in nursing and assisted living facilities, with activities provided monthly by Hospice Care outreach team (play games, design crafts, afternoon tea, reading, etc.).

Life review facilitates for patients and families’ recording of a history of their life, and chronicling responses on CD, DVD, or picture slide show.

Maintenance/construction volunteers assist Hospice Care personnel in upkeep, repair, and needed constructions for patient homes, and Hospice Care thrift stores and offices.

 Hospice volunteers are people who care. Some are nurses, clergy, or therapists, but most are people who want to help others and their community.

People who want to volunteer for Hospice Care do not need special talents, just a will to share their time with others. For information, call Hospice Care, 853-2279.

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