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Janet Siers:
Styles and Smiles
by Maricia Mlynek

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Janet Siers was the oldest of twins born in Charleston and raised until age 13 in Minnora. After moving to Fayette County, she graduated in 1969 from Gauley Bridge High School, and spent several years as a secre-tary for West Virginia Tech in social science and business.

In 1982, she moved to New Smyrna, Fla., where she attended International Academy of Hair Design in South Daytona. She graduated in 2001, but soon found herself moving back to the area to take care of her parents.

Siers has two children, Tawni and Heather, and is the grandmother of five. She remembers her childhood in Calhoun, and is glad she returned.

She returned to Calhoun in 2005 to live with her parents, and took care of them for three and a half years.

She began her hair business, Styles and Smiles, in 2007. She does cuts, perms, waxes and highlights, and hopes to do coloring, manicures and pedicures in the future.

“I like the community. People help when you need it. I love to do older ladies’ hair. The husbands sit in here and tell stories about old times. It’s fun,” said Siers, as she “styled and smiled.”

She is excited about recent months with business really picking up. “I love doing hair. The better you look, the better you feel. People come in and leave a new person. It’s great,” laughed Siers.

Her customers range in age and size. While being interviewed, she eased a little boy’s fears and gave him the haircut he desired. He smiled sheepishly as his Mohawk took form. When it was over, she had a new friend and a faithful customer.

Janet Siers cuts the hair of customer Anita Greathouse.

Besides doing hair, Siers is a correspondent for the Chronicle, and enjoys gardening and raising flowers. She sweeps up the hair and creates a mixture she adds to new bulbs when planting. With a little human hair and oatmeal, she said that no plant can go wrong.

Resourceful and energetic, Siers is open for business for anyone. Her shop is between Chloe and Walker Creek Road. Walk-ins are welcomed, or appointments can be made at 655-7254.

Janet’s Styles and Smiles will not disappoint you. When you step in the shop, you may hear some old time stories, enjoy   the view of some lovely flowers, and experience the kind hospitality of the smiling Janet Siers.

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