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Jeremy and Terri Malona--
A Voyage To New Adeventures
by Maricia Mlynek

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Calhoun natives Jeremy and Terri Malona are on their way  to one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

The Malonas are scheduled to depart the U.S. on Thursday, Mar. 5, for Guangzhou, Southern China.

Originally from Grantsville, both are graduates of Calhoun County High School and both attribute a great deal of their success to their families and background.

Terri, daughter of Dwane and Nancy Weekley, has worked in an ophthalmology practice in Newark, Ohio, since 2004. She has a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from Alderson-Broaddus College.

Jeremy, son of Jerry and Phyllis Malona, has a degree in chemistry and environmental studies from Wheeling Jesuit University and a masters in business from University of Phoenix.

He is employed by Bayer Material Science and began his career as a lab chemist in the Newark Compounding Facility in 1999. In 2007, he became head of the small lot compounding unit.

With another promotion, Jeremy gained new adventure, responsibility, and challenges. The move to China is an opportunity for him to operate a small compounding unit for a new Bayer facility overseas.

Married since 2004, the couple is excited about the opportunity to live abroad.

“It will be a challenge,” said Jeremy, as he discussed how the cultural differences will be an adjustment.

Jeremy and Terri Malona

A move far away from anything familiar and comfortable is not something everyone jumps into, but this young couple is willing and ready.

Besides the change in culture, climate, and time zones, Jeremy’s work in a new facility will also be an ongoing test. He will need to create a team environment and a sense of loyalty.

“Our parents have always pushed us to achieve. They have helped us excel, and we are thankful for our upbringing here in a small town,” said Terri.

“I agree,” said Jeremy. “Our experiences from growing up in this community have made us a success. From becoming an Eagle Scout with Kitty Wilson and troop 39, and watching my father at home and in the com-munity, I have always had an example of leadership around me. I now hope our example shows young people in Calhoun that anything is possible, and that they too can achieve their dreams.”

As the Malonas prepare for their move, family and friends are also excited and supportive. It has been said, “Let faith be your sail, not your anchor.” This young couple is doing just that.

They are setting sail for a far off land. From the Little Kanawha River to the great Pacific Ocean, and into a world of immeasurable differences, they will have some struggles.

With the prayers of the community, the understanding of who they are, and the promise and hope for what is to come, the Malonas will reach their destination. They will achieve their goals.

We anticipate great things for their future, and we are thankful their faith is strong enough for them to set sail for adventure.

May they find the water to be smooth and the wind to be swift, and when the waves rise and the clouds roll in, they will weather the storm with Calhoun pride.

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