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Kettle Corn Update
by Maricia Mlynek


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Saturday’s kickoff of Operation Kettle Corn was a success. Though the weather was ominous and dreary, the kettle corn team conquered the task.


As you know, Andy Mlynek was my assigned “kettlemeister,” but to have a true victory in the effort to create kettle corn other recruits had to be called in.

Right to left, Andy and Maricia Mlynek, Robert Bonar.


My buddy, Terry Harris, has become a necessary element in some of my madness. She volunteered to help me find a kettle. OK, I volunteered her to help. We spent a Friday afternoon on a mad hunt. Who would have thought that the kettle we were seeking was as close as the Chronicle? My friend and co-worker, Linda McCartney, volunteered her kettle, which has been in her family for many generations. I was excited to be a “designated” family member. I had obtained a kettle at last. Thank you, Linda.


Next was the need for corn. Another friend, Shirley Ball, helped us out with that needed ingredient. Thank you, Shirley. Finally, I needed willing helpers. Here enters Bob Bonar, Terry and Andy.


One pleased customer said that the kettle corn was the best she had ever tasted. We were even asked if we would sell some at the Wood Festival. I did not volunteer anyone for that endeavor. I may be creative, but I am not crazy.


The weather didn’t allow for hayrides; though Jim Bennett did arrive to provide them if there were any takers. Thank you, Jim, for trying. A truly successful operation takes willing participants.


Making kettle corn was fun and enjoyable. I am blessed with wonderful friends and a new favorite snack. Perhaps, it could become the Calhoun Historical Society’s signature item. “Like the band boosters’ hot dogs,” said Bob Bonar. Who knows? I guess time and taste buds will tell.


I cannot end this article without also thanking my helpers Andy, Terry and Bob. You all are great. I would also like to thank our customers and friends that came out in the bad weather to share in conversation and a delicious treat. For those who can’t eat sugar, I will look into a special kettle corn next time with a sugar alternative. That’s right friends, I said next time.

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