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Love of a Lifetime--
With Secrets of Success
and Advice to the Young
by Robin Gordon and Maricia Mlynek


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We have spent several days talking with couples who have been married for over 50 years.

We discovered that these people were more than just husbands and wives. They each talked of sacrifice, hard times, and persistence.

Romance movies and novels cannot begin to describe the reality of these loves that have lasted half a century.

We feel it is important to celebrate the faith and devotion of these Calhoun couples. They stand today as an example of true love, authentic relationships, and kept promises.

Wisdom from the experienced is priceless; therefore, each couple was asked to explain the reasons behind their ability to stay together through the years.

They were also asked to give some insight or advice for couples starting out today. Read each answer carefully and know that these are words from the wise.

If you happen upon one of these couples, take a moment to congratulate them and to wish them many more years together.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Calhoun couples. May God bless your faithfulness.

Next week--60 years or more.


50 Plus Years

 Dallas and Carlene Frederick


Apr. 4, 1958 - 50 years

Their secret: “We’ve been willing to give as well as receive.”

Advice: “Have God in your life and be committed to him and each other.”


Ronald and Carole Hosey


Dec. 27, 1958 - 50 years

Their secret: “Understanding and agreement.”

Advice: “Make sure you know the person before you marry them.”


Arthur and Barbara Johnson

Sand Ridge

July 17, 1957 - 51 years

Their secret: “Just knowing we were right for each other.” (They had known each other for three weeks before marrying.)

Advice: “Stay together.”


Carroll and Dorothy McCauley


Nov. 10, 1956 - 52 years

Their secret: “A lot of love and working through the ups and downs.”

Advice: “Communication is necessary.”


Hobart and Alta Mae Richards

Big Springs

Dec. 15, 1956 - 52 years

Their secret: “We made it a goal to always love each other and we decided to always be together.”

Advice: “In today’s age, it is almost impossible financially, but I believe the woman should stay at home and take care of her family.”


George and Ruth Varenjes


Dec. 15, 1956 - 52 years

Their secret: “The Lord put us together. We have a marriage made in Heaven. He came to Ruth and told her I was the one.”

Advice: “Communication is the key. Talk and share with each other.”


Shirley and Faye Fitzwater


Dec. 23, 1956 - 52 years

Their secret: “Understanding each other.”

Advice: “Communicate, trust each other, and know that there will be ups and downs.”


Duane and Pat Radabaugh


Dec. 23, 1956 - 52 years

Their secret: “Lots of patience and lots of love.”

Advice: “It is important to keep God uppermost in your lives. Always be kind and always be compassionate.”


Jim and Evelyn McCormick


July 10, 1955 - 53 years

Their secret: “We have respected each other, worked hard together, and talked to solve problems together.”

Advice: “I was raised the right way, in an old time church with old time pastors. I give God credit for my life and all His help to furnish the way. Seek the reflections of His goodness.”


Charles and Barbara Roberts

Five Forks

Aug. 12, 1955 - 53 years

Their secret: “We’ve made it this far with God’s help. Life has not always been a bed of roses, but we always asked God for help and trusted in him.”

Advice: “Obey the Lord, trust in Him, and love each other always.”


Kenneth and Ernestine Keaton

Dec. 29, 1955 - 53 years

Their secret: “Being committed to each other.”

Advice: “Don’t run home to momma, and have give and take in the relationship.”


Frank and Joan Schumacher


Sept. 1, 1954 - 54 years

Their secret: “We listen to each other. We don’t always agree, but sometimes agree to disagree.”

Advice: “Look before you leap.”


Joe and Dorcas Cain

Big Bend

Nov. 26, 1953 - 55 years

Their secret: “We both have the same ideas of raising children and such, but we come at things from different angles and meet in the middle.”

Advice: “Talk and think over things. Don’t give up.”


Gordon and Hope Schoolcraft


Dec. 22, 1951 - 57 years

Their secret: “Give and take, helping each other and speaking your peace.”

Advice: “Do not take anything for granted.”


Don and Willa Lee Kelley


June 18, 1950 - 58 years

Their secret: “My husband knew how to handle me. When I get mouthy, he comes over and kisses me. He never argued back. He gets all the credit. I still can’t stay mad at him. He keeps us on an even keel.”

Advice: “Keep your expectations in reason--there is no 50-50, only 100-100. Don’t go to bed angry.”


Jack and Madeline Dawson


Oct. 20, 1950 - 58 years

Their secret: “Working together and with the help of the Lord.”

Advice: “Don’t get married too young and learn to give and take.”


Euell and Freda Tucker


58 years

Their secret: “Lots of prayer.”

Advice: “Trust your bible-- advice from there is all you need.”


Francis and Donna Cain

Big Bend

Apr. 15, 1949 - 59 years

Advice: “Just take it one day at a time.”


Olen and Murl Siers

Mt. Zion

Nov. 26, 1948 - 59 years

(Murl passed away July 28)

Their secret: “We lived and worked hard together. We started with nothing, but ended up doing well enough. Be true to each other.”

Advice: “Today is all together different. Set your sights on what you want. Work hard and you can do anything.”

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