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Moccasins At Guyandotte
by Helen Morris

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In November of 1861 the southern town of Guyandotte was in Union hands when history was made there.

Confederate raiders struck suddenly and captured the garrison. The Confederates left town the next morning, headed for Richmond with their prisoners, but the conquest was short lived. The Union returned and got their vengeance on a “seesech (secession)” town. By nightfall, two-thirds of the village had been burned.

The sights and sounds of the Civil War will return on Nov. 6-8. Hundreds of re-enactors will participate in America’s greatest street battle. The dirt roads are paved and the modern buildings replace the burned out frames, but this is where history was made and will live again.

The 19th regiment of Va. Cavalry Co. A, Moccasin Rangers will take part in the Guyandotte Civil War Days, near Huntington. The 17th regiment of Va. Cavalry Co. F, Night Hawks had Calhoun County participants and represents several of our ancestors.

The regiments were formed in January of 1863 and training took place at Salem. They fought mainly in eastern Virginia. Both groups were part of the 1st Battalion, Valley Division, under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Fred Cornell.

Our Moccasin Rangers are honored to serve as the Provost for the reenactment. Re-enactors for Gen. Albert Gallatin Jenkins, commander of the Army of Western Virginia, Gen. Robert E. Lee and his lieutenants will also be at the encampment.

Activities include historic and haunted tours, church services, and several scenarios of the actual happenings. The battle is an up-close street fight, with cannons in town as close as the streets of Grantsville.

Guyandotte Civil War Days focuses on this historic event in an effort to celebrate and promote the rich heritage of the area. The Confederate raid on Saturday is the highlight. The re-enactment is a true production based on known historical facts concerning the Nov. 10, 1861, skirmish. The re-enacting units are family oriented and the wives, daughters and sons are considered re-enactors. This is a varied program of activities for a weekend of learning and family fun.

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