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Moccasins Prepared
To Do battle
by Maricia Mlynek

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It is said that every county in West Virginia has its own stories and testimonies of the Civil War.

The American Civil War was one of the most important events in the continued maturity of a young nation. It cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and the victories could not outweigh the losses.

There is no debating that it was a time that men, boys, and even women became heroes. Uncommon bravery was seen on both sides of the battle field. Soldiers fought though they knew they may never see their home or the light of the morning sun again.

In an effort to never forget the sacrifices of those that fought on the battlefields, and to honor the memories of those that were a part of the legends and stories of our country, county, and community, the first re-enactment will occur this weekend at Calhoun County Park, with as many as 200 re­enactors participating.

Calhoun Historical Society, along with a group of re­-enactors of the 19th Virginia, made a trip to the original site of the Battle of Sycamore on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

This group of Moccasin Rangers met Tuesday at the original site of the Battle of Sycamore. They include, left to right, kneeling, Terry Whited, Donnie Jones, Aaron Cottrell, Nub Marks; standing, Austin parker, Dennis Carder, John Schneider, Junior Parker, Randall Lynch and Dave Williams. The Battle will be re-enacted at Calhoun County park This Weekend.


Belle Boyd speaks with Nub Marks.


Confederate spy Belle Boyd (left) informs the Moccasin Rangers of Union troop movements in the area.


Rangers surround a structure and check for infiltrators.

A structure has been built at the park to represent the Adonijah McDonald home, which was on the divide be­tween the forks of Sycamore Creek. The home was where the Yankees and Rebels met.

Portraying Adonijah McDonald and his wife will be a descendant of Adonijah, Gary

McDonald, along with his wife Mimi.

The public is invited to attend the encampments during the Fun Festival at Calhoun County Park. Re-enactments will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Calhoun has history and investments in the Civil War that should never be forgotten.


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By Helen Morris:

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