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Planning For Feasibility Study
Of Former Office Site Begins
by Maricia Mlynek

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When Grantsville town council met Mar. 1, Brenda McBride, CCCOA assistant director, presented a project proposal to members of council.

Her request for a site survey and feasibility study on the property formerly housing the town office building and the present parking lot was approved unanimously.

The request was to determine options for a possible development of a fitness center through the collaborating efforts of local non-profit and service/community oriented groups.

Since the council’s approval, the feasibility study has begun. The development and strategic planning has been a focus for the CCCOA administration.

The fitness center would be called the “Legacy Center,” and last Friday at 9:30 a.m., the initial meeting of the Legacy team was held.

The team is made up of representatives from different sectors and community leaders. The meeting began with the formation of committees and the discussion of the following main points:

1. Feasibility includes several necessary items. There must be a proper survey completed, followed by core drilling and rights of way determined. McBride, chair of the committee, reported that members of the community are willing to donate time and resources toward the feasibility study.

2. Funding/Support: Jean Simers will chair the grants and funding options, with Mike Ritchie chair of the support committees, which will consist of donations and contributors.

Ritchie discussed development of the “500 Club” and the Legacy Tree. “This is a new beginning and a way to share the dream,” said Ritchie. “What will we leave behind? How can we give back? Let’s commit to the long term . . . This is why we will call it the “Legacy Center.”

3. Design: The final design of the center will be determined as the project continues, but brain-storming and planning is underway. The team is discussing   the possibilities of several features. These are not set in stone, and funding and feasibility will be factors as a design is developed.

The plan tentatively consists of three floors. The main floor will house an indoor swimming pool, basketball court, exercise machine facility, registration center, coffee house, and free wi-fi center.

On the second floor, space for meeting rooms with internet conferencing, rental offices, and aerobic areas will be available. Third floor will have an artisan center (for local vendors) and food court, as well as an open air patio for lunch in the sunshine or a place to sun after a swim in the pool.

The hope is that there will be something for every age, every interest, and every need. The Legacy Center will allow for entertainment and activity, plus exercise and rehabilitation.

4. Sustainability: Two main areas of sustainability include center membership and vendors/rental agreements. Also discussed was the possibility of continued contributors. The team perceives the need for the Legacy Center to be well rounded, well organized, and accountable. It will be a center for all of Calhoun and regions beyond its borders.

5. Tentative Timeline: Ambitious goals were set and a timeline was discussed.

“We won’t give up easily. We have an energy and ownership for this project. We know that if this is supposed to happen it will,” said McBride.

The Legacy team meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m. The committees will meet in the next few weeks to continue the feasibility study and the dream of a “Legacy Center.”

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