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Miller Allegedly Confesses
State Police Arrest Suspect
In Two Flanagan Murders
by Robin Gordon

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State Police have arrested Kirk “Bucky” Miller, 32, of Doddridge County for the alleged double homicide of Mike and Julie Flanagan.

The murders are believed to have occurred late Saturday night, Apr. 4, at the Flanagan home at 916 Left Fork Creek, Millstone.

Corp. F.L. Hammack and other members assigned to the Spencer detachment were following up on the homicides, when troopers received information that Miller had been in the vicinity of the crime scene at the time of the murders.

After an interview with Miller, enough probable cause was developed to arrest him for the murders, and he was lodged in North Central Regional Jail.

Hammack said that Miller confessed that he had been thinking about murder three weeks before it occurred.

The events that led up to the murders started around Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 1). Miller said that he and Mike Flanagan had an arrangement of selling marijuana and dividing the profits.

Miller would ask Mike Flanagan for his share and Flanagan would say they he didn’t have the money. Miller said he would get more angry each time Flanagan refused to pay, and three weeks before the crime occurred he was thinking about murder.

Two or three days before the murders were committed, Miller said that he knew what he had to do. In his statement to police, Miller said that he shot Mike and Julie Flanagan multiple times with a Remington 1187 semi-automatic 12 gauge.

Miller told police that he acted alone.

Hammack said when police were processing the scene, they found an “indoor grow” upstairs, a very efficient system of growing marijuana.

When looking for suspects(s), police believed that the perpetrator would be someone familiar with the Flanagans, was somehow involved in drug activity, and was upset with Mike Flanagan, due to the nature of injuries he sustained.

Police believe that Miller’s version of the crime, and the fact that a daily diary kept by Julie Flanagan had its final entry on Apr. 4, sets the time of the crime as late that night or early Sunday.          

Kirk “Bucky” Miller

 Hammack said that Miller’s preliminary hearing was held Monday, and that Miller will have to go in front of a circuit judge for bond.

Police will seek an indictment for two counts of murder during the September term of circuit court in Calhoun County.

Miller is now being held at Central Regional Jail, Flatwoods.

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