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The McCauleys--
Dedicated and Devoted
by Maricia Mlynek

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Carroll and Dorothy McCauley were raised two miles apart and attended the same elementary school, high school and even Sunday school.

These two were destined to become friends and partners.

In 1956, the young couple began their courtship in April, were engaged Aug. 13, and married Nov. 10.

Carroll & Dorothy McCauley
Their wedding photo.

The McCauleys spent their first year of marriage apart, as Dorothy had one year of high school remaining, and Carroll left for Canton, Ohio, to work for Macombers Steel and set up house for his new wife.

Dorothy joined him after graduation, and the newlyweds lived in Canton until 1961, when Carroll was called into the ministry.

Thus began the McCauleys’ 48 years of serving God.

The family, with an addition of two children, moved to Barbour County and began their ministry in six churches.

With another baby on the way, the McCauleys weathered many storms. Carroll’s salary as a steel worker was $8,000 a year. In his new position as pastor, his income dropped to $1,900 a year.

An unthinkable pay cut for many, but the McCauleys stayed faithful and trusted God. “We had all we needed. God always provided,” said Dorothy.

In 1964, the family moved to Calhoun County to lead the Pleasant Hill Methodist Charge. They spent 14 years serving seven local churches and continued to raise their children.

Besides the usual services and responsibilities of their ministry, the couple became active in community and school groups to support their four children.

“We were involved in anything the children were doing. We participated in 4-H, chaperoned band camps, and sold thousands of hot dogs with the band boosters. Anything the kids did, we supported,” said Carroll.

The McCauleys’ involvement in the community and children’s activities made their next move very difficult. In 1978, the family uprooted and headed for Beverly, where they would stay for five years and serve in three churches.

“It was very difficult for the kids. We decided we would not move again until all of them had graduated. It was a hard year,” said Dorothy.

The family stayed in Beverly for five years before moving to serve a church in South Parkersburg in 1982. In 1991, they moved again; this time to serve a church in Point Pleasant.

After eight years at Point Pleasant, 39 years in the ministry, 18 churches, and six moves, the McCauleys retired in 2000 and returned to Calhoun, where some of their children had begun their own families.

While serving God, Carroll had two brothers become pastors, his sister married a preacher, and 17 individuals went into the ministry under him.

He saw God work miracles through revivals, “pound parties,” and people like himself.

His first sermon was on Moses, a man who also heard God’s call and realized the sacrifices of serving God throughout his life.

Carroll, unlike Moses, did not make up excuses when he heard God’s call. He answered and went to work immediately. In fact, even in his retirement, he still does God’s bidding at local churches, weddings, and funerals.

A pastor can never retire, there is always something to be done, and the McCauleys have always been dutiful when it came to God’s work.

Carroll and Dorothy remain active in the community. At the Senior Citizens Center, Carroll is a member of the board and Dorothy is a volunteer on the planning committee.

Last month, Dorothy announced that she was running for town council: “Carroll is my campaign manager.” The couple continues to be supportive of one another and their family.

Their children are Anita Elliott and husband Dave, Cheryl Jarvis and husband Rick, Pam Davis and husband Tim, and Criss McCauley and wife Tammy.

Grandchildren are Ashley and Brandon Elliott, Kristina, Seth and Aaron Dawson Jarvis, Marcus Davis and wife Tiffany, Melanie Garrett and husband Quienton, and Kyle and Kendra McCauley. Great-grandchildren are Albany Davis and Aidan Garrett.

The McCauleys call Calhoun home, but know their true home is eternal. Their family reaches beyond their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the lives and individuals they have touched throughout the years.

“We have family in more places than you can imagine,” said Dorothy. A testimony to this statement is the McCauleys’ Christmas card list, which numbers close to 400.

An old hymn says it best: “Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod, for I’m part of the family, the family of God.”

Their family is made up of all those they have loved and ministered to for close to 50 years.

The McCauleys

Dedicated and devoted, they have served their Savior and the people around them.

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