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VFW Post No. 5959
The Legacy of Our Veterans
by Maricia Mlynek

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It is no secret that those who are part of “The Greatest Generation” are in the minority.

The county is familiar with the service of our veterans in every war and, even today, family and friends serve in the deserts of the Middle East.

Will we honor them? Will we remember the lost, the wounded, and the brave who fought? The veterans of Calhoun County deserve our deepest gratitude.

The members of one organization have made it their mission to “Honor the dead by helping the living.”

That organization is the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post No. 5959.

At the end of World War II, veterans returned to their homes in West Virginia.

Changed by the experiences of conflict and combat, 102 men joined together to form VFW Post No. 5959. On Feb. 23, 1946, the organization was authorized and constituted as a Post in Grantsville.

These men had served honorably in the Armed Forces during World War II.

Today, VFW Post No. 5959 continues the legacy of these comrades.

We, too, should be proud of this group of patriots and always honor their sacrifice.

Listed below are the charter members of VFW Post No. 5959:

Clyde Allen, Teddy A. Allen, James D. Arnold, Melvin D. Arnold, Bernard H. Ayers, Albert E. Ball, Donald M. Ball, Rexie Barnes, Brenton Boggs, Rayman BoggsBrettny BowerEmitt Bower, Bernard E. Brady, Arlan G. Burns, William G. Burrows, Donald C. Bush, Robert M. Campbell, Oda E. Carpenter, Loura T. CooperTracy G. Crawford, Dennis A. Cronin, James L. Dawson, Lora V. Edgell, Hulbert C. Elliot, Doyle S. Elliott, Bruce H. Ferrell, Jr., Glen V. Fowler, Obert E. Fowler, James M. Garretson, Oless L. Gherke, Paul B. Hammer, David B. Hathaway, Joseph W. Haught, Shade I. Hedge, Sherley M. Hosey, Rex F. Hoover, Otto N. Howes, Denzil C. Hughes, Harold A. Huffman, Clyde D. Jackson, Henry M. Jarvis, Karl C. Johnson, John E. Kellar, Alfred A. Kemper, James H. Kemper, Freddie L. Kerby, Robert L. Kerby, William H. Kerby, Henry Kight, Victor Kirby, Scott Knotts, Russell C. Law, William J. Mathers, David F. Marshall, Ariel E. McClair, Jr.Arco E. McKee, Sammie Montana, Lester R. Murphy, Holly NesterHoward R. Owens, Okey D. Parsons, Harold B. Proudfoot, Adrin H. Richard, Ivan C. Richards, Benjamin F. Riddel, Dale W. Riddle, Dale Ritchie, Denver D. Ritchie, Dey M. Richards, Oral E. Rogers, James R. Rogers, Thurl Rogers, Okey RowenRoe Schoolcraft, Ezra C. Sears, Clarence E. Shaffer, Kenneth R. Shaffer, Frederick L. Shock, Edmond M. Smith, Lewis E. Smith, Edwin Starcher, Jesse W. Stump, Arlie L. Tingler, Hoyt R. Umstead, William O. Umstead, Leavey O. VanHorn, Emanuel Vannoy, Edward O. Vannoy, Ronsel Watkins, Ernest H. Weaver, Lowell E. Weaver, James J. West, Alfred L. Westfall, John C. White, Verdis R. White, Chester K. Wilson, Avis G. Wright, Carl Wright, Guy D. Wright, Herbert W. Wright, John J. Wright and Guy Wood       

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