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“Neighbors” was a topic that slipped into our Sunday School discussion this week.

One member was telling about spreading lime on his farm and his neighbors showed up to help. Another member had the same experience when liming his land. This led to other stories. Another member has a neighbor who is a nurse, and when she suffered a leg injury, the neighbor gave her a lesson in changing the bandage--and called the next day to make sure there were no signs of infection. Others talked about food and supplies brought in for a funeral, remembering small necessities like ice, popsicles for grandchildren, and plenty of pizza.

We also have community neighborly acts of caring. Those who make a trip to the emergency room of our hospital and receive a call the next day to make sure there was no recurrence of the problem. When newcomers visit our churches, they are welcomed with friendly questions. Some might say it is being “nosey,” but in Calhoun, it is because they want to make you a part of their lives, not tomorrow, but now! Have you noticed the friendly waves sent your way when traveling on back roads?

This reminds me of a story about sea turtles. Most people believe that the individual hatchlings emerge from their shells and dig their separate ways up to the surface through the heavy layer of sand that forms the roof of the nest, but this is not true. The first young do not start digging at once; they wait until some of their nest mates hatch, and begin working together. Some scratch down the ceiling, some undercut the walls, some trample and compress the sand that filters down from above. Thus, the ceiling falls, the floor rises, and the roomful of cooperating hatchlings are carried toward the surface.

I wondered, “What would the turtles do without one another? What would Calhouners do without the comfort of being together?” Just as in our Sunday School class, we remember that this is one of the benefits of living here.

Spring is coming with a multitude of fund raisers in all sections of the county. There are those that benefit persons who need help with medical expenses, and others that benefit community centers, schools and other organizations.

We are not just 354ers or 655ers. We are Calhoun County and we care about our neighbors.

*          *          *          *          *

Grantsville Police Dept. will host Safety Awareness Day on Saturday, Apr. 23, 2 to 4 p.m., to help our young people understand how to be good citizens in their own neighborhood.


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