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The eagle gently coaxed her children toward the edge of the nest.

Her heart quivered with conflicting emotions,

As she felt their resistance to her persistent nudging.

Why does the thrill of soaring have to begin with the

        fear of falling?

This ageless question was still not answered for her.

Their nests were always located high on a shelf of a steep rock cliff.

Below there was nothing to support the wings of each child.

She asked herself, “Is it possible that this time it won’t work?”

The eagle got her courage from an inborn mother’s wisdom.

Even though she had fears, she knew it was time.

Her mission as a parent was complete.

There was just one final task . . .


Until her children discovered their wings . . .

Until they learned to soar,

Until they understood the privilege it was to have been

        born an eagle,

There would be no purpose in their lives.

The push was the greatest gift she had to give her children.

It was her supreme act of love.

Sometimes we need it, sometimes we give it.

It can be the greatest gift you ever give.

It will change lives forever.

This was taken from the book, Even Eagles Need a Push, by David McNally and Mac Anderson. This selection is dedicated to the parents of our graduating students, who may need encouragement to give the final PUSH. You may think it will break your heart, but when the offspring discovers the purpose of their life, you will love to watch the adult emerge.

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