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Scouts from Calhoun County had an adventure last Saturday. They attended a performance of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus at Charleston Civic Center.

I was invited to accompany them. I thought, “Sure, I will go, but what could there be that would interest a grandmother?” As usual, when I think like that, I am wrong! I had a great time, and was enchanted with all that was going on. From the first parade of the performers to the finale, it was continuous action.

The trapeze artists performed movements that left us breath-less with amazement that so much that could be done with the human body. A group of five made up a column on the shoulders of the first one who was balanced on a tight rope, and a group of four in a small transparent box unfolded in a slithering movement with the grace of a snake. My adult mind wondered if they traveled with a psychologist to help keep their minds focused. We could sense their attitude of concentration as they performed the unbelievable. They had to be very attentive to their diets. There was not an inch of flab in the whole group. What is their life expectancy? What do they do when they retire?

The animals were highly trained. Elephants with clumsy, baggy bodies moved in precision around the ring, standing on their hind legs, climbing on little step stools, and swooping up ballerinas with their trunks. Horses with beautiful ballerinas did balancing acts that charmed the young audience. The clowns were not the scary ones of my childhood memories, but friendly faced characters that kept up a display of funny movements.

The Calhoun youths, who were well-behaved and a credit to our county, had several parents who traveled with them. Our group made a short trip to the mall, where the escalator provided a new experience for the younger children. I observed older Scouts encouraging first timers as they carefully took their turn. As we entered the Mall, another group was leaving to return to Calhoun, commenting, “We want to go back where it is not as crowded!”

It was pleasing to overhear a young Brownie Scout say, “Let’s go to the Clay Center and see the exhibits.” It was Earth Day, and the interactive experiences were entertaining. They got to hold Owlie, a small owl that was recovering from an injury. A few Scouts were brave enough to touch a snake. There were games to play about products made from trees. W.Va. American Water display showed water-saving ideas for the home and explained that water from our water systems is safer, more economical, and better for the environment than bottled water. The majority of bottles are not recycled, but end up in landfills.

The point of this story is, “When you are invited to go with your young Calhoun grandchildren, say “Yes!” You are never too old to learn or have a good time.

Thank you, Scouts, for an adventurous Saturday!


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