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by Aren J. Morris, Guest Writer

(Aren is the daughter of Joe and Sandy Stull Morris of Cranberry

Township, Pa., and is a senior at Seneca Valley High School.)

While in Calhoun County last week, I learned to cook like my mom. I got to show off my cake experience to my Mammaw and Pappaw Stull--they enjoyed the cake. We ate at several restaurants in the county. I even got the chance to work out at the Senior Citizens Center with my Grandma Morris.

Grandma took me to see Richardson, where her parents first lived in the county, back when they were newlyweds. We had an adventure driving all of the way down to Richardson. The scenery was really beautiful and we took pictures of thriving gardens on the way. Grandma and I went down a road that we thought would take us to Mt. Zion, but we ended up at Creston, where we had to drive through a creek to get back to the main road. It was a great experience and fun adventure that everyone should have.

After we came home, Grandma helped prepare dinner, fixing black beans that turned green when cooked. We didn’t tell my uncle until he tasted them and approved. We pulled weeds and then came in to read more of the “Legend of Mammy Jane.” I was disappointed that we didn’t have time to make a trip to see the Jarvis house, but a trip to Heritage Village was a good substitute.

Later, we went on a smile hunt. This was initiated by observing a woman who was grouchy, and we knew she was not a Calhouner. Our big finds were Charlie Duskey and Glen Fowler, with big smiles and twinkly eyes, even though they were dependent on their canes. They had many stories to tell about Grandpa Carl.

Next stop was Minnie Hamilton . . . Julie, Jesse and Kathy were smiling with her, while I had an appointment. Then we went to Y-Restaurant for lunch, where friendly Charlotte had tales to relate about Home Economics class.

Hopefully, next time I come back, I will have just as much fun, and be able to explore even more of the county. I had a great visit!

*          *          *          *          *

From Grandma: I have said this before and will say it again. Thank you, Calhouners, for the smiles and warm welcome you have readily available for our visitors. You are our greatest natural resource. You will bring visitors back for more of our natural sunshine and genuine interest.


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By Helen Morris:


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