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A summer vacation is good. It is usually a week or two without obligations and no responsibilities.

I had a “forced” vacation for a few weeks because of health related issues, so my family shipped me off to North Carolina to be under the observation of our family nurse, Sarah. It took some readjusting of attitude to put “my” plans on hold and just kick back and enjoy the attention of seven grandchildren and the many North Carolina friends.

They were organized to cover four areas: Keep your hands out of pockets, keep your feet up, butt first when getting in car, and slow down. I finally gave in when everyone who passed by wanted to get something for me. It was easier to just say, “A glass of water sounds good!” I had time to read a book in one day, to be chauffeured by grandchildren, to watch the water antics of the young swimmers, to have visits from many friends, and to enjoy the summer sunsets on the lake.

There was a fleeting thought of how nice it would be to have this go on forever.

Then, my attitude re-adjusted again when I was back in Calhoun County. It is great to be back home where chores pile up and the mail box overflows. It is good to be back at work with deadlines, phone calls and planning for the future. I feel needed and fulfilled.

I recalled an observation made by a minister when he baptized a child. He noted that the parents wore expressions of indescribable joy. They were facing decades of increased food bills, medical needs, clothing allowances, late night worries and endless unknown responsibilities. He said, “It is not our freedoms that keep us alive, but our obligations.”

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with concerns, I try to remember his words. I’m thankful for all of the challenges and problems that come my way. As long as I am alive, God has a purpose for me on His earth.

Thank you, Calhouners, for making me feel needed!

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