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“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is today.”

This is a quotation from the book, “Where Roots Grow Deep,” by Bob Welch. The book encourages reconnection with families. It defines legacies as the place where those who have gone before still make a difference. Where values are passed on from one generation to the next, a place “Where Roots Grow Deep.” When you have finished the book, it makes you want to touch the world and change the way we will be remembered in it.

The beginning quotation reminds me that Calhoun County is a family. We are remembering the Civil War, not 20 years ago, but 150. A legacy we can leave for our descendants is to plant a tree of friendship and peace (finally) in our county. It saddens me to hear, “We can never work together . . . we are still fighting the Civil War.”

Think about it. We are known for our hospitality. Retirees are looking for a place like this. Most of us love our neighbors, and in times of disaster, we work together. We do not hear much about working together. It is a very small percentage that cannot forget and forgive. They keep the waters troubled.

Today is the day we must come together as a family and work to make Calhoun County a thriving place to live.

We are making progress. Younger people are taking part in government. They are parents of young children. They care about leaving a legacy for their children and grandchildren. Good things are happening. Farmer’s markets are now on two sides of the county. Playgrounds are being developed. Community parks are being improved. A new building will replace the last outdated school. Churches are being repaired. Schools have innovative curriculum. Mt. Zion Public Service District is working together to make a new start. The senior centers are developing new programs.

We still have more to do to “grow our tree.”

Calhoun County Park has come a long way, but more representation is needed for its board and committees. Festivals may be discontinued because of lack of focus on the “growth of the tree.” I heard someone say just today, “The same people end up doing everything.” There are still places that need volunteers to say, “New ideas are needed. I can help!”

Let us realize that our ancestors worked hard during troubled times to put Calhoun County on the map.

Let our legacy be to work together to make our beloved county a place of friendship and peace, where roots grow deep.

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By Helen Morris:


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