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VETERAN'S DAY PRAY - November 10, 2005

Our son-in-law, Todd Rhodes, has been on active duty with the North Carolina National Guard since July 23. I was listening to the radio while returning from a family vacation that day and heard these lines:

“Our soldiers bravely stand, with their weapons in their hand

As we lift our hands to God and pray.”

I have searched book stores, record shops, and web sites to find this music, but did not find any clues. But I will always remember the impact of these few words.

Sometimes I feel so helpless and frustrated because I don’t know how to “help” Todd and others who are serving. Then I remember that prayer is something we can do each day. God is watching over each one of us and has a purpose for all, wherever we may be in the world.

While searching for information on what and how to send mail to servicemen, I read a letter from a serviceman who said that he did not regret joining the military and serving our country. Here are a few of his thoughts.

 “I will go wherever my country asks me to serve. I feel that what is being done in Iraq is positive. The country is being freed of oppression after fifty years. Nearly two thousand Americans have lost their lives. Are the lives of these Americans worth the lives of people we don’t know? I say yes. If it wasn’t me, then who, if it wasn’t now, then when? Our forefathers in World War I and II died for the freedom of many Europeans. I do not think their sacrifice was in vain. The Iraqi lives are not less important because they don’t share a similar religion and culture. We are over here doing an important mission, we can not waiver from it. When Iraq is on its own, that is when we should leave.”

I also read of the impact our military is having on the children. Photos were shown of our armed forces handing out small toys to children and showing concern in other ways. These children are being exposed to human concern at a young age.

May God bless America, and our impact on the world.

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