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GIVE ME A MOUNTAIN - April 13, 2006

I have claimed the song, “Give Me a Mountain,” as my theme for these weeks ahead. It is based on Joshua 14. Our pastor played it the week that Todd said they were studying Joshua 14 in Iraq and I felt it was just for me that day!

I store meaningful stories, illustrations and scriptures in my mind or my journal to be retrieved when needed for my life or a story.

I started radiation treatments for cancer this week in Elkins at the new Cancer Center. This will mean readjusting my life for about seven weeks. It is just a mountain that I must conquer. I am intensely aware that we all have mountains. Yours might be one of many other physical ailments, elderly parents that require your care, children’s problems, financial situations, job related stress, etc. My mountain is not greater than yours. It is how we manage the situation.

The junior sermon for our church had a youngster in a laundry basket. He was told to pick up the basket. Of course, this is impossible, if you are trying to pick up your own basket. Then the two leaders picked up the basket with the young person still in it. This illustrated that you need help to solve problems.

Here are the words if they will help you too. It was recorded by the Kingdom Heirs.

So many roads on my journey, I never know what lies ahead.

Many times I stumble, that’s when I feel my Father’s hand.

And when I come to a mountain, He says, child, I’ll make you strong.

You can take this mountain, we’ll climb together, it won’t take



Give me the mountain, I’m not afraid to climb,

He will guide my footsteps and be my safety line.

So every day of my journey, this will be my cry,

I can take this mountain, for He’ll be with me every time.

I’m not alone on my journey, I know that others walked this road.

Valleys lie before you, these are only stepping stones,

And when you come to a mountain, His love will keep you strong.

You can take that mountain, we’ll climb together it won’t take long.

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