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ICE CREAM - August 31, 2006

On Friday afternoon, Aug. 4, about closing time, J&B Drug Store was invaded by a group of hungry ice cream lovers from North Carolina to fulfill a tradition established long ago by the late Carl Morris, grandfather of the Rhodes girls.

This group filled all six stools and overflowed to a booth. They included Sharon Kohnle, Shirley Sims, Robin Brinkley, Michelle Rhodes, Kayla Brinkley, Sarah Rhodes and myself.

These ladies were treated to true Calhoun hospitality by J&B personnel Brian Prunty and Michelle Morrell, who worked frantically to fill their orders, individually made for each customer.

Most ordered either a chocolate milk shake or “Hicky,” which was recommended as a local favorite and store specialty. It is a rich concoction of chocolate ice cream and marshmallow topping. The chocolate milk shakes were also determined to be special, even served in a glass instead of a styrofoam container. It was an adventure to sit at the bar and observe the preparations.

The J&B snack bar has been there “forever,” according to Morrell. It used to be a gathering place for business men in the mornings and the ladies stopped in the afternoons after their walk to the post office. She said, “It doesn’t happen very often that all of the stools are filled!”

The wall behind the bar displays mugs with names of former customers. They were the 100-cup members, where customers had to drink 100 cups of coffee to get their name on a cup. It was a big hit years ago, but not as many folks come in and just chat and have a cup of coffee like the old days.

J&B is the only place in Grantsville where hand dipped cones can be found. New selections to the menu are sugar free ice cream in butter pecan and neopolitan flavors and frozen fruit bars.

This was an experience for visitors that is not available in many places.

Look around our county for treasures that are unique to us. People like to visit here because we have attractions outside our door that are fun for them.

*          *          *          *          *

 “Visitors and former residents nearly always come back to the part of Appalachia where they grew up. They’re never good at explaining why . . . most will shake their heads and have a look on their faces like the look you see on dogs who have been lost and wander home to search out the corner of the yard they knew they had to find again before they could get a good sleep.”

From “Appalachia: The Voices of Sleeping Birds,” by  Cynthia Rylant and Barry Mosser

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By Helen Morris:


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