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RESPONSIBLE YOUTH - October 5, 2006

After a week of news about troubles of teenagers, I had a refreshing experience on Friday evening.

First Baptist Church has a community outreach program of preparing a pre-game meal for the football team. I helped with the meal on Sept. 30 and it was really a memorable experience.

Their were 53 football players, cheerleaders and coaches that invaded the dining room of the church. They came in small groups because there are no funds to provide transportation this year. The cheerleaders arrived first. These girls found their places at the tables and talked and giggled in a quiet manner until the rest of the group arrived. When the young men of the team came in, all took their seats in an orderly manner. Every one of them removed their caps as they entered the door.

I observed their attitude as the preliminary program began. Two complete rows gave undivided attention to the speakers. The other rows had a few restless players, but none were talking or creating even a slight disturbance.

As the serving line formed, the “ladies first” tradition was followed at the suggestion of the coaches. Ham, potatoes, beans and rolls were served. As each food was served, the players said “thank you” to each server. They were hearty eaters, especially for the ham and potatoes, and several came back for seconds, but again said thank you to each server.

The coach had a final talk and reminded them that community support is important. He also made it very clear that they are representatives of this community and their behavior should reflect pride in their school and county. The leaders addressed the players in a forceful low-keyed manner. I noticed that the coaches would pat the young people on the back as they passed among them.

Each person helped in clearing the table by carrying their utensils to the front. Many of them came by the kitchen to say thank you again.

This is a group of young people that really show Calhoun Pride!

It shows that we need to hear more about the many responsible young people that make up the majority of our students. The trouble makers are not in the majority!

*          *          *          *          *

That same evening, I met some former students at Koffee Kup for a short visit. Jim Riddle (Class of ’53), Cecil D. Wolverton (Class of ’56), Loyd “Sonny” Wright (Class of ’55), Burl “Junior” Smith (Class of ’55), and Bill “Sonny” Woody (Class of ’54) and his wife Carol were in the group.

 I am always impressed with their interest in the happenings of Calhoun County. They had questions about items they read in the Chronicle. They were very pleased with the work done by Robert F. Bonar (Class of ’97) on the football history.

They had suggestions for the rest of us. (We like that!) Jim Riddel and Cecil Wolverton are cancer survivors. It was encouraging to find that they have a positive attitude about life based on strong Christian beliefs.

Other graduates having dinner and renewing friendships were Gail Siers (Class of ’66), Mike Ferrell (Class of ’54), Bernard Miller (Class of ’66), and Joe and Sandra Lancaster (Class of ’65).

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