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GOLDEN WINDOWS - September, 28, 2006

Do you remember the old story of “The House with the Golden Windows”? A child stood on a hill at sunset looking across the valley at a distant house. The windows were shining like gold. He decided he must find the magical home. All night he traveled, and early the next morning he found the house, but he was greatly disappointed, because the windows were not golden. Turning around, he gazed back across the valley to his own home. There, in the light of sunrise, the windows of his own home were glittering gold.

We all probably have been through a time in our lives when we search for happiness in distant shining places. We go from place to place looking for happiness in work, relationships, and possessions. We finally realize that our own home, no matter where it is, has the magical windows if we see it in from a different light.

Most of you have your home in Calhoun County because of choice. This choice holds an obligation to make it a good place to live. We are finishing a season of festivals where small communities have banded together to raise money for community projects. This also brings visitors from outside the area to observe our way of life.

We thank the organizations that work for the Wood Festival, Teen Fest, Ramp Dinner, Alumni Reunion, Ox Roast, Molasses Festival, Bluegrass Festival, Heritage Village and other community and county events. There are also church sings, horse shows, geocaching, boating, hunting, fishing, and other events.

I can see a need for a county group with representatives of all areas to come together. This would not be a group with endless meetings, but one that will make good use of our volunteer time. So much has been accomplished as individual communities, that now we can come together to put the golden glow in the windows of Calhoun County.

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By Helen Morris:


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