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ON THE MAP - August 24, 2006

“The dream still lives in us and shall not die,
If we keep faith with them,
We keep faith with ourselves.”

This quotation was taken from the play, “The Lost Colony,” at Roanoke Island in Virginia. It is said that the Lost Colony, first settlers to the new world, laid the foundation for settlers here in America.

We have been watching the demolition of the old town hall this past week. Somehow, it does not have a depressing effect on most of us. Our mayor, Wilbert Kerby, even stated, “It is the mark of a new beginning.”

A new beginning can mean focusing our efforts on rebuilding and revitalization.

We know what we can’t do, but we need to remember what we can do. We can’t do much with the town’s budget, but we can work together, volunteer our efforts and donations, and work by neighborhoods to add beauty to our town. 

Some may say, “We don’t live in Grantsville, why should we care?” Grantsville is the county seat. If Grantsville does not flourish, the county might follow. Most county businesses that have aided the town are not even located in Center District. These groups cared enough to help. 

A Community Design Team visited Calhoun County in August of 2000. Representatives of all areas of the county participated in two full days of discussions. These discussions concerned all aspects of our lives. What happened after the visit?

I searched for a report today and finally found one lonely copy in the county agent’s office. We actually have accomplished some of the goals set forth at that time, but it says, “The community must decide together which of the recommendations in the report to implement and how to prioritize them . . . The citizens of Calhoun County have taken positive steps forward by attending these sessions . . . Develop consensus in the communities . . . Acknowledge achievements . . . Take pride in what we have here.”

We were given a good foundation by those who came before us. Don’t let the dreams die. We can build on this foundation and “KEEP CALHOUN COUNTY ON THE MAP!”

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By Helen Morris:


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