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REMEMBER - September 14, 2006

We received a message from Sarah that Todd will soon be back in the States. There will be a welcome home ceremony upon the unit’s arrival. About 10 days later, he will be back home in Hickory.

She said, “They are very fortunate that no lives have been lost in their unit. There have been some injuries and they have all experienced combat and been up close and personal with IED’s. Please continue to pray for all of the troops and support them no matter what your feelings are about the administration. Pray that the hedge of protection will keep all of the Armed Forces surrounded. They choose to serve, knowing they might even die, so we can enjoy our freedoms here in America. Thank you all for your prayers and support through his time of service. Thanks and God Bless you all.”

I knew we would receive the message at any time, but it was very meaningful to know that it was almost a year ago to the day, that he started the journey to Iraq. These members of the National Guard will now return to civilian life, but there lives will never be the same, because of one year. God be with you all!

I was listening to the radio as I was driving home on Monday, and was intensely aware that five years ago that day our beloved nation suffered the worst terrorist attacks in our history. There were three in one morning’s brief time, and 2,973 people were killed. The twin towers of the World Trade Center, 110 stories high, were demolished, the Pentagon was damaged, and a plane, carrying hijackers, crashed in a Pennsylvania field. You can remember exactly where you were at that time and the thoughts that were going through your mind.

I remember the immediate concern for two family members who may have been near two of the sites, and two others in the Reserves and Guard, who could be called for active duty.

In a service at the World Trade Center, mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “Five years have come, and five years have gone, and we still stand together as one.” Diane Kellie of Montana pleaded, “We must remember as years go on. The dead are not dead until they are forgotten.” She lost two relatives on one of the planes. Peter Gorman, president of New York uniformed Fire Officers Association, took note of the bright blue sky, relating it to the morning of Sept. 11, 2001: “Today is still a glorious day in the glorious city of New York . . . and America. . . . Americans will never bow down to terrorism, thanks to the U.S. military, thanks to every first responder in our country.”

German chancellor Angela Markel warned that “tolerance and respect for other cultures must be hallmarks of the international fight against terror.”

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family hosted a program of people who had personal experiences to relate. He reminded us that a banner, “We Will Never Forget,” and a cross made of salvaged construction beams was in place at the World Trade Center in a short time. He also said that the sacrifice of life made at Pearl Harbor will never be forgotten. “Point to the Lord, He has not forgotten us. He will guide us and bring peace out of chaos.” Dr. Dobson also reminded us that there were 40,000 survivors.

One lady told of her anger at the terrorists who had caused the death of a family member. She made herself go to the pit of the World Trade Center after eight months. She said that she looked down and saw Hell and looked up and saw the cross, and then saw Christ in the recycled cross.

A survivor of the Pentagon crisis told of being severely burned and near death. He recovered after a long period of treatment. He said that it was not his long hours of training that saved him. It was the plan of the Lord, who had a plan for his life.

We will remember those who have protected our country from the beginning and we will pray and support those who are still in the armed services of America.

I can never say “GOD BLESS AMERICA” too many times!

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