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BUSY WEEK - April 26, 2007

This was a busy week with lots of traveling, but lots of time for thinking.

Friday afternoon, I was at WVU where my granddaughter, Drue, was honored as a Dean’s List student. One of her requirements for next year is community service. This is being stressed in other universities too. Our young people are being given an opportunity to learn about the importance of volunteerism. Even though Drue’s parents live in Pittsburgh, she considers herself a West Virginian and Calhouner. She chooses to share her honor with Calhoun County.

Friday evening, we attended the Mollohan Foundation reception and fair for scholarship and award winners. Richard Mace, Seth Jarvis, Kristina Jarvis and Jamie Kennedy were awarded scholarships from this area. We are approaching the time of year when we will hear more about the scholastic achievements of our students. This is Calhoun Pride.

Saturday morning was the training for interviewing World War II veterans. Chairman Erin Smith, a CCHS graduate, did a good job of organizing, and even stayed cool when the site had to be changed at the last minute. Four veterans, Glen Fowler, Willard Jones, Herb Smith and Duck Stevens, were present to be inter-viewed. These men are representative of all of those who defend our freedom. The interviewers were committed to the importance of the project and, even though all could have used the time in their gardens, their commitment was still honored. Erin had assistance from many other people, who also made a commitment to help their community.

The Ramp Dinner at Upper West Fork Park was another example of community involvement. Younger people are working side by side with long-time volunteers. Even waiting in the serving line was fun, because everyone was talking to their neighbor.

There were no strangers. Justin Wizard made a memory for two young men when he gave them a gift of sharing his Lamborghini for a few moments. Michelle Sears and her committee deserve our thanks for putting Calhoun County on the map.

The feeling of community and caring was also observed at church on Sunday. John Oshoway was back at. the piano! Everyone was rejoicing about answered prayer. Young people are beginning to volunteer for leadership roles and the church cares about the community.

On Tuesday, I attended a Choir Concert presented by children of Neale School in Parkersburg, where our daughter, Barbara, is the director. Our son, Bob, and wife, Jenny, were guest performers with the 100-voice choir. The program included folk music, ethnic music, classical music, sign language while singing in Latin, and patriotic music. Of course, I was proud of Barbara, Bob, and Jenny, but the Calhoun pride goes back to the music education they had in Calhoun schools. This education is being handed down to the next generation. Calhoun County is making an impact.

Calhoun County can accentuate the positive!

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By Helen Morris:


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