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THANKS FOR LIFE - April 5, 2007

Sometimes we take for granted our wonderful gift of life. It is a miracle just to wake up every morning--to be alive another day. Just to be able to get breakfast, to crack eggs, or to pour milk, just to feel myself functioning, with all parts working together. I am a miracle!

I am reminded to stop sometimes, like today, which has been chaotic, just to feel grateful for this miraculous gift. I don’t want to wait until all of this is threatened, when I might be sick, hurt, and out of circulation, before I realize it could be taken away at any time.

I want to be fully aware of the wonders of my life now, while I am healthy and able. Let me appreciate my family, in spite of the extra work and care they cause me.

Let me keep my appreciation current, like the fresh eggs, new, like the morning paper, and bright, like my grandchildren’s faces or the sunlight streaming in my windows.

I am thankful for each day of life and will never take it for granted.

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