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What do you do when you’re alone at Christmas? Do you hope you will be invited out to dinner? Do you sit alone by yourself, remembering how good it felt to have a family around you? Do you take a trip to get away from your loneliness?

You may think that entertaining and hospitality have no place in your life anymore. Well, you are thinking wrong. Over a third of the adult population in the U.S. lives alone. Remember, Christmas is for them too.

Jesus was alone. We forget that Jesus was alone, because we think of Him in the company of others, but there was hospitality in His heart.

He didn’t wait to be invited to others homes. He invited friends--and strangers--to be with Him. He didn’t have a home as we know it, but He welcomed people into His life. They brought Him joy.

A friend’s daughter was being married out of state and, because of her husband’s illness, they could not attend the wedding. At the time of the ceremony, several of us gathered at her home with flowers, a small wedding cake, punch and taped music. She loved the idea of being part of the celebration--long distance!

You might invite others to your home, even for cozy, homey foods, such as macaroni and cheese, made festive with red and green peppers, and a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce and crushed peppermint candy. You may even have to take the celebration to them at their home. Just don’t be alone. Reach out to others, but also let them reach out to you. It is also a gift to be able to receive friendship.


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