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GAME DAY - July 5, 2007

Approximately 35 youths registered and adults of all ages stopped by to watch the fun at Saturday’s Game Day at Wayne Underwood Field. 

It was exciting for those who watched Pastor Greg Swisher of First Baptist Church go over the obstacle course. There was almost a casualty when he rolled on Luke Moore. 

The afternoon ended with lots of music by the UTH band and a brief period of devotion and prayer. Addresses were exchanged and promises made to get together again. 

The group did a good job of cleaning up scraps of paper from the field and even swept the picnic pavilion. Then they moved on to homes for brief showers and started the six-hour trip South. A flat tire, vehicle problems and an empty gas tank did not dampen their feelings about what was accomplished. They promised to keep in touch and remember our community in their prayers. They also asked for long-term prayers for the town of Peytonia.  

Thank you, Dudley Shoals, we love you!

The following information is from the Dudley Shoals group:

Thank you, Grantsville!

Thank you, First Baptist Church of Grantsville, for allowing us to come to your community and having “Game Day” at Wayne Underwood Field on Saturday, June 30.

From the time we came into town, we were made to feel welcome. First Baptist so graciously allowed us to stay in the church and the men of the church prepared a wonderful breakfast for us on Saturday morning. Dudley Shoals Baptist Church Youth exists to reach students with the life changing message of Christ, to help students make life commitments that mature their faith, and to challenge students to discover and carry out God’s commission for their lives.

This was the purpose of the mission trip to Peytona and Grantsville last week. We had a great time sharing our faith through games, music, food and just good old fashioned fun. Our stay in Grantsville was very touching and we could see the Holy Spirit working through us and we were also equally blessed by your community.

We also appreciate those who opened their homes to us for showers and to all who helped in any way. You have a wonderful community and we hope to come again next year.

Dudley Shoals Baptist Church Youth

Granite Falls, N.C.

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By Helen Morris:


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