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This is to the representatives of Calhoun County who welcomed the Mylneks and Walburns last week. Thank you again, Calhoun, for being accepting and loving friends:

“I have found that more than just the Little Kanawha runs through the valley here in Grantsville. After going on my county tour, I have found a place that is only roads and buildings until you meet those who call that place home.

I was introduced to people who have called Calhoun County ‘home’ for generations. I found myself shaking hands with hard workers, home makers, shop keepers, and ordinary people. When they took my hand, I felt the calluses of hard work, I felt the salt of the last feed bag thrown off the delivery truck, I felt the strength of labor, and the softness of love.

As they smiled, I saw happiness in their eyes that said ‘Welcome.’ When a drink was offered or a gesture of friendship was made--it was meant. Yes, my friends, in Calhoun County I found that genuine kindness flows in the hearts of this valley. You may see a river, a fork, a creek, a stream--but the people are what caught my eye, and the streams flowing were of friendship and kindness.

Perhaps Grantsville is not the metropolis many have come to love and enjoy. Perhaps Calhoun County is not the hub of entertainment and activity, but something deeper than the Little Kanawha runs in these valleys--bonds of family and friendships that have seen floods and famine, ties of neighbors and comrades that have enjoyed the blessing of hard work and the bounty of love.

As a newcomer, I want to say thank you for allowing me to experience a piece of your world. I enjoy the beauty of the Little Kanawha, but I was blessed to see more than a river runs through this county.”

                                                              Maricia Mlynek

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