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New Year’s Eve alone? I didn’t even care. I was beginning the recovery from a bout of pneumonia and all I wanted was to sleep. I went to bed at 10:30 p.m., but sleep would not come. I finally turned on the light, grabbed a small unread book from the night stand, and prepared to be bored to sleep.

The book, “The Christmas Promise,” by Donna Van Liere, had 204 pages, and took just two hours to read. I kept thinking, just one more chapter and I will quit for the night.

It didn’t happen! It was the story of Gloria, who endured a family tragedy that shook her life to the core. Every Christmas, she places a card on her tree, restating a promise she made to her husband on his death bed. She moves from her small town and builds a new life by caring for people in need. Miriam is her obnoxious neighbor, who is suspicious of all that Gloria does.

Then there is Chaz, a young man with a good job. He longs for a family of his own, but realizes that life choices he has made have messed up his life. He befriends a young boy and gives him the chance to have a life he thought would be impossible.

“The Christmas Promise” brings together the lives of these characters and we are reminded that a Christmas promise is a promise of a second chance.

I finished the book at 12:30 and was now ready for a good night’s sleep. Just one more problem. I had been on self-imposed home confinement in the interests of germ control and had no idea of what was happening in the outside world. What could I write in the Publisher’s Desk? I took time to ask for God’s guidance in this matter and then fell into a sound sleep for the night.

I was having breakfast on New Year’s morning when the phone rang. It was Betty Bush Durst, CHS Class of 1955. She wanted to let me know that she really looks forward to the Chronicle each week and likes to read about hometown people and even my family.

Betty has suffered severe medical problems in the past several years, but has a positive outlook, with each very small improvement adding up to another victory over her ailment. A few weeks of pneumonia is nothing compared to what she has overcome.

I decided to check emails next and the very first one was from Voras Haynes, another member of the CHS Class of 1955. It was about those who survived the years of 1930-1980. I am a survivor of those years! Another subject to write about in the Chronicle.

This week, there was the inspiration of talking with the sons of Doc Law about the life of a quiet “ordinary” man whose four sons carry on the legacy of serving God. I also heard from Shirley Fitzwater about how Doc’s influence was felt in the church and community.

Every day there is evidence that prayers are being answered. Just open your eyes and ears to the blessings of each day.

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