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Can you believe the Molasses Festival just closed for the 41st year? It is good to know that the people of Arnoldsburg have devoted hundreds of hours of volunteer service.

Please accept a pat on the back from the citizens of Calhoun County. We are proud of you.

This year’s opening event was the premiere raising of the Calhoun County flag. The flag committee decided that Arnoldsburg should have the honor since it was the first county seat. The 4-H Club, representing the future of the county, was symbolic. It will be the beginning of a new era of cooperation between the different sections of the county. As one leader said, “We have no choice, we must work together to survive.”

Even though the traffic was down, and dry weather had caused a shortage of good cane, visitors were pleased with the nice parade, more vendors and good entertainment. One of the favorite activities, sponsored by Hospice, was a molasses bake off, with a tasting party with privilege of voting for the crowd’s choice. Hospice also sponsored a cake walk.

Many of the early organizers and long-time workers are absent from present day activities, but their efforts are not forgotten.

The spirit of community pride and hospitality was still apparent to the visitors. Younger workers brought new ideas and vitality to the festival, while still remembering the traditions of their predecessors. Some workers are the third generation to volunteer.

There was a feeling of friendship among the crowd. People enjoyed visiting with old friends, but still showed an interest in new residents and tourists.

Thank you, Arnoldsburg, for what you are doing to bring recognition to Calhoun and demonstrate Calhoun Pride. We look forward to many more Molasses festivals.


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