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Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Many of you have probably watched the Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey, is forever helping others. He is well liked and respected. This is apparent to everyone, but George. He feels depressed and hopeless. He is in a rut and feels bad because he hasn’t been able to accomplish the things he set out to do.

We feel the same way at times. We know that we haven’t achieved our dreams and may feel like a failure, but deep inside, we long to know that we are respected and loved, and have affected the lives of those around us.

George finally realizes this at the end of the movie, through the gifts and love from his friends. The movie ends with an inscription in a book George has been given: “No man is a failure who has friends, and no man feels like a failure if he learns to become his own best friend.” Your life, no matter how insignificant it seems, is much more important than you realize. That is what this movie is telling us.

No matter how hard our friends try to build us up, there has to be someone on the inside. I need to be my own friend. I need to accept myself, even with all of my strengths and weaknesses. This does not mean shutting out the rest of the world or becoming an arrogant snob. It does mean establishing a seed of self acceptance that can grow inside you.

If you treat yourself as your own best friend, you will become more comfortable with others. Of course, there are times when days have been “no good and terrible,” but friends help friends through tough times. If you are your own best friend, it will be much easier.

The above thought came from a book, “Being Your Own Best Friend,” by Whiteman and Peterson. It is full of good help for the Class of 2008, whose members will be commencing their life in an adult world. The associates of the Calhoun Chronicle extend to you our best wishes for a life full of friends, starting with God and yourself.

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