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We are in the midst of a depressing time--with the economy, job situation, people homeless and out of work, the power outage, shortage of water, bad roads, no means of communication . . . the list could go on and on.


Comments made by people in the county show that the Calhoun spirit is still active.


A community on the West Fork pulled together to clear their rural road, even moving a downed power line. In another area, neighbors with equipment were out clearing roads, and other able bodies were cutting down trees.


I was ready for a long wait because of a several trees blocking the main road. Almost every vehicle behind me had someone jump out with a chainsaw, clearing the road in a short time. Soon, we were on our way.


Another neighborhood had multiple outages. Several calls to the power company confirmed that power might not be restored for a few days. Neighbors that had water, electric and heat were sharing with the less fortunate.


One comment heard in Grantsville was, “It could be worse, we could live in a city where neighbors don’t even know the person who lives beside them, or even care about their safety.”


These acts of kindness were not required by the government. It needed to be done because of caring for our fellow man. This is what Calhouners do.


I was reading a short essay from a German immigrant describing why he came to America:


“I felt an irresistible impulse not only to find for myself a well regulated activity, but also to do something truly valuable for the general good, but where, and how? The Fatherland was closed to me. England was to me a foreign country and would always remain so.  Where, then? ‘To America,’ I said to myself.


“The ideas of which I have dreamed and for which I have fought I shall find there, if not fully realized, but hopefully struggling for full realization. In that struggle I shall be able to take some part. It is a new world, a free world, a world of great ideas and aims. In that world there is perhaps for me a new home . . . I formed my resolution on the spot. I would make preparations and head off to America.”


Our ancestors have dreamed of what we have here in our county. I know some will say, “My neighbor only looks out for himself.” These may be the ones who have moved here from an area where people cannot be trusted. We may need to demonstrate the meaning of “neighborly” by our own actions.


We wish you a joyous Christmas season.


Enjoy the gift of neighbors and family. The treasury of memories woven from family traditions, helping others, being with friends, and holiday fun will last a lifetime.

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By Helen Morris:


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