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Celebrating “Black Friday” in Calhoun County was something I never imagined!


When I woke up on Friday morning, the house was quiet, so I assumed everyone was sleeping late. By 9 a.m., the place was back to the “normal” state of laughter and giggling.


Daughters Sarah and Kendi left early to go Black Friday shopping in Grantsville. They did not even take time to put on makeup or comb their hair. They did not want the rest of us to miss the fun, so they came back to get the granddaughters and me.


We went first to the Country Corner Christmas Shop, where everyone found a special interest. Becca, Rachel and Sally were fascinated by the ceramic masks.


We found “Friendly Faces” while talking to Frank and Nikki Jones of Dunedin, Fla. They own property in Calhoun and are looking forward to living here full time. They bought a century-old house and want to furnish it with heritage furniture and local crafts.


Judy Morris Jarvis and daughters Kathy and Kelly arrived with their little poodle, Alley, which was found in a Martinsburg alley by Kelly, who is a dog lover. They are descendants of the early McDonalds of Calhoun.


Dawn Fox and her daughter-in-law, Sarah, were our next en-counters. Sarah is married to Russ Fox and lives near Huntington. They showed an interest in the primitive furniture.


Our group finished shopping for jewelry, country decor and knit caps, so we moved on to J&B Drug Store, where the WVU items were of special interest to our Mountaineer fans. The highlight of this stop was the miniature camo jeep, driven by a deer, with a hunter on the hood. We bought the last one, but they have ordered more.


After this excitement, we moved on to Dollar General, where the big find was Christmas decorations. We also found another former Calhouner, John Wilson, who has an accounting firm in the Pittsburgh area.


We were pushing our departure deadline, so the shopping trip was called a success. We found unique gifts and many friendly faces in our town.


The last group of Black Friday shoppers were the deer hunters from North Carolina, who returned to my house two hours late for dinner. They appreciated potato cakes and berry crisp. Brian Krause provided entertainment for Levi by giving him a “coffee grinder” ride on the kitchen floor.


This adventurous day proved that a good time can be experienced, even in a small town. Thank you, Calhouners, for being so hospitable to our visitors. They all want to come back.


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By Helen Morris:


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