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The past month has been filled with family occasions where I could spend lots of time with my grandchildren.


Ten-year-old Becca and her friend Adam were in Grantsville for a week. They spent several days working for their Uncle Jim, cleaning out his barn.


Last Wednesday was a day of adventure, starting in Calhoun County with two grandchildren and ending in Charleston with seven young people. We delivered the Chronicles to the West Fork stores. The older grandchildren always liked this job. The Farmer’s Market was the first stop. I was buying Loretta Sanger’s cheese, but because of the warm welcome and activity, I forgot to bring it home.


We ended with stops at Chloe Auto and Stinson Grocery. John Rose and Ron Hanshaw at Chloe Auto gave out lots of smiles and hugs, and a lollypop and drink. Becca and Adam were fascinated by the merchandise.


Verla and Yvonne at Stinson Grocery also greeted them as long lost friends. Even though they were checking in a delivery, they still had time to show an interest in the children, and add to their sugar intake with a candy bar. Becca and Adam are now cooperative newspaper helpers, because “These people are so nice to us. They act like they have known us for many years.”


We were then on our way to Charleston. We picked up Katie and Susanna (Bob’s children). Then we remembered that Rachel (Bill’s daughter) was visiting two cousins in Charleston. We picked up these three after wandering around the hills of South Charleston. We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch, but it was closed because of a power outage. They recommended a nearby Subway.


Our next stop was the new museum at the Cultural Center. This was frustrating, because of the parking situation. We were told to park at any meter, but the unoccupied meters had locked covers, with “reserved” on them. At 2 p.m., we were in a parking lot with many spaces, but all were reserved. I finally let the grandchildren out to take the museum tour, under Rachel and Katie’s supervision, while I went back to Wendy’s to park.


When I returned to the museum, the receptionist said, “Oh, you are with that nice bunch of children. They are about half through the tour.” They even had their picture taken with the parking lot attendant because he made the same comment about their conduct.


It could have been a no-good, terrible, rotten day. Their ages ranged from 10 to 21 years, but they were considerate, friendly to others and patient with a grandmother who was irritated with all the delays in Charleston. They were even cooperative about the many pictures that were taken. They reminded me, “We are not taking pictures, we are making memories.”


Take time this summer to make memories, they can last a life time!


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By Helen Morris:


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