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Many grandchildren do amazing and unexpected antics that will cause chuckles for years to come. These are stories that should be recorded in some way for family history. Our granddaughter Rachel chooses to do this with words. This incident took place when Will was 10 and Rachel was seven. The composition was written for a class assignment.



My Brother and I, we spent our days,

Building and changing it in so many ways.

In our minds this would be an awesome action.

This thing we built was called the “Contraption.”

With an appliance dolly we started our creation,

Added a lawn chair, a roller skate, what a sensation.

Tied together with duct tape by the roll,

We completed the first step of our important goal.

It was ready to test and we were ready to ride.

To the back of Will’s bike it was tied.

We rode round the yard and over to the neighbor.

We were surprised and amazed at the fruits of our labor.

To show it off we headed down the hill,

Absolutely certain it would be a huge thrill.

We hit the turn fast, through the air I went sailing

I arose banged up, bloody, whooping and wailing.

I went to the house to seek needed first aid.

In spite of the contraption that we made,

Will worked diligently to put on some brakes,

For the safety of his sissy he would do whatever it takes.

My Brother and I, we spent our days,

Building and changing it in so many ways.

In our minds this would be an awesome action,

This thing we built was called the “Contraption.”


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