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This beginning of a new decade is a time of excitement for me!


As I review the past few weeks, it gives me hope for the future. I see young people who are willing to work together, not just with their peers, but with all ages of people, from grandparents to small children. They are caring, cooperative and optimistic. This is also evident in Calhoun County. (This is a good time to remind you that the Calhoun Chronicle cares. Flood us with news of our young people, “accentuate the positive!”)


I observed nine grandchildren, from college age down to four years old, working together to build a sled run, which began on the back deck with a picnic table as the starting point. Snow was packed between the wooden steps, making a sharp turn with life jackets tied to the rails to pad any close encounters. The run ended by winding through the woods and stopping near a tree, where snow had been piled up to prevent an end crash. A ladder was added at the starting point to get the returning sledders to the deck. Aunts and uncles were stationed along the way as safety patrol and to lift small snow lovers to the table.


This provided entertainment for almost five hours, with no whining about going to the more expensive ski slopes. It also warmed a grandmother’s heart to observe the cooperation and camaraderie.


In the evening, these same grandchildren had spread their sleeping bags and pillows on the floor, with the little ones under the watch of their elders. Movies were chosen that seemed to appeal to all ages. Try Scooby Doo, and also the Chipmunks.


The next day, we moved on to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Todd’s home in Hickory. The group lost a few who had to return home, but added three of our North Carolina “family,” who always like to be included.


 We celebrated Becca’s 11th birthday with dinner at a restaurant. All nine sat in one booth to enjoy the festivities. One of the North Carolina “family” missed this part because he had gone home to clean up and spend New Year’s Eve with his family. We soon received a call from his mother saying that he wanted to come back, because our group was more exciting.


The next activity was going to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks, Squeakquel.” It was fun to look down the row of young faces that were enjoying the antics and brotherly love of the tiny creatures. They had their differences, but were good examples of working out problems in a peaceful manner.


During the path of life, we are like Alvin and the Chipmunks. We make mistakes. We fail ourselves, we fail our family, and we fail God, but what is important is how we respond to failure. Do we become negative and depressed, or do we learn from failure and focus on the future? For this New Year and new decade, let us join together to work for a peaceful existence. It all begins with me (you, too)!

To all fans of Calhoun County,
we wish you a blessed New Year!


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By Helen Morris:


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