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Spring is a time of meetings that will have a huge affect on the future of Calhoun County.


There are many boards that can make a difference. It can be good or bad decisions, depending on whether board members are concerned with the future of our families.


Some boards are appointed by the county commission. Some are elected by the people, some are appointed by the group they govern, and, in all cases, volunteers are considered.


The important thing to remember is that all meetings should be open to the public. Citizens who serve on boards or are elected to public service are representing us. You can attend the meetings. Board members deserve to know how we feel before they vote, and that we appreciate their time and effort spent on this duty. If they are selected and don’t show up to represent you, then you have the right to see that they are replaced.


“If you feel like no one is listening to you, learn a new language. The first thing you discover when you try to ride a horse is that the horse weighs much, much more than you do. As a result, you find out that the horse has no reason to listen or do anything you ask of it. I learned . . . after a lot of begging and screaming, how to speak to my horse as fellow horses spoke to her. I spent hours observing the small herd negotiate power in the field. It was done gently. The lead horse always pushed from behind, never pulled or yanked. I tried it. With a nudge here and gentle pressure on one side of her belly, she “heard” me. All the human babbling was meaningless.” --from essay by columnist Jeanne Laskas.


Dr. Joe Cain described the same technique a few months ago, when telling us that his cattle drives are non-stressful for the cattle and the men managing the herd. It was done by quiet talk and pressure in the right places. No shouting, prodding or chasing.


Meaningless chatter, shouting, calling names and swearing seldom work in our meetings.


Learn a new language, but command respect for your ideas.



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By Helen Morris:


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