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“The people of Calhoun County wanted a park, so they decided to build one. County residents donated time, labor and equipment to realize a longtime dream of having a recreational park. The efforts resulted in the completion of Phase I of the 214-acre Calhoun County Park, which is located off Rt. 16, three miles south of Grantsville.


Volunteer efforts built a softball field, cleared picnic areas for hand-assembled tables and shelters, constructed a gravel roadway, and installed water lines. Three parking lots, 28 picnic tables, a softball cage, and more shelters are now in the works.”


The previous information was taken from a newspaper article from Aug. 21, 1986. Added to the goals set at the time, a nine-hole golf course, hiking trails, fishing pond, conversion of a barn into the Herb Smith Community Center, Boy Scout camping area, and play structures for smaller children have been added.


Calhoun County Park is used by many groups. Boy Scouts use it for outdoor activities, and are preparing to build a bridge across the pond. The 19th Virginia Cavalry, Co. A, Moccasin Rangers constructed a replica of the McDonald house to be used in future re-enactments. They are assisting Calhoun Historical Society in reconstruction of heritage structures from six areas of the county at Heritage Village. The park is now their headquarters, and future events will bring supporters of Civil War history to the county.


Stargazers have taken an interest in using the park’s darkness, a natural resource that is diminishing in many areas of our nation. Last weekend, two astronomers set up equipment at the park and were available to answer questions from visitors. They will be back with more people who share their interest in what is happening up above us.


It has been 24 years since the park opened. It is through the single-mindedness, cooperation and belief that if we can dream it, so we can believe it will happen, and Calhoun County will make it happen. That is the way our people work.


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