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Three months of recuperation from knee surgery is almost over!

I started out on June 9 at WVU Hospital with four days in the hospital and a week in skilled nursing with inpatient physical therapy, and then moved on to Home Health in Hickory, N.C., followed by outpatient physical therapy.

It was just like the time of radiation for cancer. I was apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect, but prepared my mind for what had to be done to get back to a “normal” life, knowing it was all in God’s hands. I also found out that he gave me a big family to provide physical and emotional support. I also found out that many of the health care workers are outspoken Christians.

It has been a blessed three months, with lots of memorable experiences. The staff at WVU was very kind and friendly. A young student nurse became a special friend and chose me as her first hospital patient for a report.

One or more of my children were always with me. They were very patient and calm--most of the time. The day after surgery, I was really furious with one son, who told me I would have to pick up a trailer load of hay and drive it back to Calhoun. I thought, “I can’t even get in that thing, let alone drive it!” It was a relief when I realized it was a nightmare from the anesthetic. A daughter’s patience was tested when we got lost trying to get from Canaan Valley to a doctor’s appointment in Morgantown after 25 years of making the trip. They have all helped with transportation and companionship.

Grandchildren served as the “knee police.” They worked under the direction of their insistent Aunt Sarah. One and usually more have been with me since June 10: “Grandma, aren’t you supposed to have your knee up?, Grandma, don’t cross your legs. Grandma, I’m behind you, don’t worry!” When I was walking two planks on the deck to correct a zigzag walk, one of the younger ones was running beside me and made 100 lengths to my 20.

I also have been to a hospital worship service, an African- American church, a newly planted church, a traditional church, a church for young adults, and a progressive family church. New ideas were filling my note pad. A swim class in a small town with unemployment gave me more determination to work for a pool in our county.

I have learned new computer skills (self taught!), became skilled at programming a GPS, read several good books, and worked on genealogy.

The Chronicle family kept everything covered and kept me up to date on happenings in Calhoun, but I knew they would. They are all caring and capable.

It has been a blessed summer for me. I know what Dr. Aya-ay meant when he said, “The prayers of Calhouners are special.”

Thank you and God bless you all too!

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By Helen Morris:


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